decision we make decisions every day

decision we make decisions every day, we are making them daily. what to have for dinner, weather to call a student or to leave them. we choose when to leave for work, weather we will volunteer to do a extra shift or take on extra responsibility as a person.

its even a decision to say that I am going to do the 130 to 6 am shift for volunteer role, leaving bed when everyone else is alseep to ensure that safety of life at sea is maintained. we choose our partners and weather we want to marry them or its less than that, some people may say they have already made their decision yet take months to even act on such. having met some of these people who quit and gave up on who was as a person.

as napoleon hill says in this chapter “take no one into your own confidence except the members of your mastermind group and be very sure in your selection of this group, that you choose only those who will be in complete sympathy and harmony with your purpose”

we are always going to have those people around us who support our decision and who won’t support them. Michael Dlouhy spoke on last weeks mental cleanse call about when he put together the mentoring for free system and sent it out to leaders who knocked what he was planning to do. this showed that these people weren’t in sympathy with his goals as a person. there have been times within own life where have had the same happen.

I will send a person a message and they will have a go about some area of that message. that they will say something about such. as Napoleon says within this chapter “one’s own friends and relatives can be ones greatest critics” they can knock what they are unable to understand and are unwilling to support or do themselves. they sit there and start a fight or bashing what you plan to do owing to their own unwillingness to do such themselves. looking back often its been those people who get angry about a area its owing to their own unwillingness to do what you have done.

we make the decision to take on board what that person has said or to stop listening to them as a person. the leaders are the ones who decide and then get into action, they do what they can to keep that decision and will do such. its a decision that we make daily to be with our spouse and to remain happily married to them. its a decision that we make to have kids or not have kids, its a decision to get into business, its a decision to eat healthy, its a decsion to work our business or to do something much more preferable.

it takes a decision daily to build our business, it takes a decision daily to be with our partner, it is a regular choice. there are so many decisions which we need to make daily yet the leaders are the ones who make those decisions quickly and stick with them even when others are opposing such. at times you are needing to make that decision and stick at it on your own finding the people who will support your choice and assist. whist others are sitting back still making their decisions. just like it was own decision to do own mental cleanse lesson whist on duty owing to the period normally being a very quite time.

so what decision have you made lately that affects your own life, have you made the decision to be all in with your own company, have you made the decision to remain with your partner that they are the right person for you.

thank you to Michael Dlouhy for your wonderful, guidence, love support, belief and encouragement until was able to believe within myself. thank you to Ken Klemm for your inspiring wonderful mentoring, guidence, love, support and encouragment aswell, thanx to Willena Flewelling for your own guidence, love and support. thank you to Shelly Bishop for introducing me to mentoring for free. thank you to the inspiring wonderful leaders whos lessons continue to inspire me.

thank you to the amazing wonderful Jenny Harper (soon to be Drake) for your ongoing love, support, encouragment, acceptance, being there daily, doing what you can to assist and showing your love as you do, thank you to the amazing in laws David and Raewyn Harper who have been wonderful support and shown their own love. finally thanks to own parents who taught many invaluable lessons.

Ben Drake

Mona Vale Sydney NSW

Wishing you the best in health and love and big hugs

Jenny and Ben

This lesson plan was inspired by chapter from think and grow rich the 30 day mental cleanse.

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