building a network marketing business needs know like and trust

building a network marketing business needs know like and trust, when you fail to follow through with your commitments then you are unable to create the relationships to build you network and spiderweb.

We need to make decisions promptly and stick with them

We need to make decisions promptly and stick with them through whatever occurs. Within our own lives we need to make decisions regularly from getting married to doing a business. Yet in order to make a decision we must stop allowing fears to get in our own way. We must stop listening to those fears which others may present and attempt to use to control us as a leader. They are projecting such onto us as a person.

We have to be strong enough to stand by that choice we have made as demonstrated by people such as Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and many other great leaders. That choice may at times cost us friends or others yet it is often a choice that needs to be made. There have been many such decisions which have needed such within own life, from leaving jobs to making the decision to get married and go out there to find that person who was to marry.

It was a decision alone that assisted in regaining health, deciding to change own health, deciding that I was wanting to get married and have own kids, along with traveling the world. For the last two years I have been living that dream of health and having that relationship and I am 3 weeks out from own wedding, it took a decision back many years ago that wanted to get married yet also to settle down and have a family.

It may have cost some friendships who were unable to understand when did mention family, kids or otherwise to them when talking with them, yet they weren’t to be part of this journey. That decision to be a father and want own kids has shown up within own life that others say hey Ben You are a natural father. It may have cost friendships the decision to not drink alcohol for the night at a function when didn’t want to.

We can choose to take on those roles which do come easily for us or sit back and attempt to learn new skills to become someone which we aren’t as a person. It can be that decision to stand alone and say I am who I am this is who I am, should you not like that well I am unable to be anyone else. Often it can be that decision which can break us as a person, it may cost us our own lives.

I am needing to make those decisions within own life and business and to stick by those decisions which have been made. Weather it means that I am needing to cut someone out of own life owing to their influence or to have limited contact, it can even be as simple as saying well that person is just going to tear such apart again so I am not going to send them anymore ideas that have its only going to make it worse and make me feel bad.

It takes a decision to stop associating with those who will tear us down realizing that they are no good for us as a person. We are unable to spend too much time around that person, we are needing to be firm within our own decisions and say this is what I am doing and stick to our guns. When someone attempts to distract us from such we say no. We need to be firm with those decisions and say this is what decided whist letting the people who want their opinion heard and want to instil fear within us be as a person.

Own decision has been to now pursue financial intelligence and to build such. Whist learning what can about health, family and business. Yet to also stop listening to the naysayers.

A big thank you to Michael Dlouhy, Ken Klemm and Willena Flewelling for your ongoing love, support and encouragement. A special thank you to the amazing Jenny Harper (soon to be Drake) with your heart of gold, your ongoing support, love and being there these last 2 years have been amazing and wonderful. Thank you so much, for these most amazing 2 years now. I love You so much Beautiful.

Wishing You all a wonderful life, full of love, health and abundant success.

Ben Drake

Mona Vale Sydney NSW Australia

Wishing you the best in health and love and big hugs

Jenny and Ben

This lesson plan was inspired by chapter 8 Decision from think and grow rich the 30 day mental cleanse.

You can participate in the 30 day mental cleanse at

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Your Choices Create Your Reality

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Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument or your age that is to blame. You and ONLY you are responsible for every decision and choice you make. Period. — Unknown

You and only you

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