Fear stops You dead in Your tracks

When fear has its Grips on you it stops You dead in your Feel the Feartracks from doing and saying what has to be said to someone or even promoting your business by having advertising materials with you. It will stop you from promoting Success in 10 Steps or from contacting those prospects which you have gotten. We have to stop letting fear rule our lives.

Fear can hold can hold us back from helping those we want to or doing what we want to as we listen to the naysayers who may say I want to do this before that. Unless we realize its fear we will be stopped dead. You won’t build that foster home, you won’t be a father owing to fear, nor will you build that team. As Michael Dlouhy our wonderful friend and mentor says “Its none of my business what anyone else thinks of me. Its only my business what I think of myself”. So what would you do, is it really worth You Positive_Self_Talk_Stickiesbeing scared of another’s reaction to what you say or do which has controlled Your life for many years.

Living in fear of hearing that reaction from another person stops you from living as the person You are and the person you want to be. You are giving that person Your power which have done for many years now. Ken Klemm has a wonderful saying that we are having to lock those ghosts of fear up. We have to get rid of such fears and stop letting the fears which we have within our own lives get to us. It’s a task on its own to even realize this is who You are as a person and to say to the world this is who I am and I am comfortable with who I am.

Thank You to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for your constant ongoing love, support, Wizard of Oz photoencouragement and being willing to assist and allow me to grow as a person. To Ken Klemm  thanks for being that wonderful supportive person who is loving, kind and helpful. To Brian Redding thanks for being that wonderful amazing guy who is willing to assist in anyway he can. To the amazing loving Jenny Drake thanks for being that amazing loving woman, that rock which means more than the stars at night, thank you for being my amazing wife and being willing to share the journey with me.

Have a wonderful day All, I love You all so much and appreciate you so much,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake,

West Ryde NSW Australia

Sixth Sense

Recently when at the gym own sixth sense was telling me self-talkabout old friends from former gym being at reception and to go and say hello. We must learn to acknowledge those impressions which come from the sixth sense telling us when to do such or to call a particular student. Even to expect their call.

Our brains can pick up on many thoughts from others and we are needing to act quick or its gone as have seen happen within own life that often will get a thought about what I am doing and suddenly its gone when have yet to have a good chance to even note such down quick enough. At times I have woken up from sleep to get such or even been at the state where I am falling asleep being aware that there is a message that needs to be passed.

Its realizing that have to write down those message when need such, also that when I am at 5dwarrior-the state where I am having to fall asleep for a message then I am having to go and lay back as soon as can. At times when someone asks a question I may close own eyes quickly to connect and speak from the heart. Yet its needing to realize that is where it all comes from our brains own sixth sense picks up on the thought impressions of others around us.

Its been able to save lives of many and even grow their business when its trusted. Own sixth sense has at times been strange that even when blindfolded I was able to say the right number of fingers in front of own face without being able to see. Being asked Ben can you see no I just took what was told and went from there.

Positive_Self_Talk_StickiesThank You to Michael and Linda Dloughy for your amazing guidance, love and inspiration, to Ken Klemm for Your ongoing support, love and guidance. To Brian Redding for You own ongoing guidance and being willing to answer questions, to the most amazing prettiest most wonderful beautifulest wife could ask for with your heart of gold Jenny Drake, thanks for being that Rock and wonderful woman you are.

Have a wonderful day all, I love you all so much,


Your friend and mentor,

Ben Drake,

West Ryde Sydney NSW Australia

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