Specialized knowledge within our own lives

Specialized knowledge is needed in every area of our lives. It is especially needed in roles where you are working but may only have experience within one portion of that role. You have to then gain experience about that other area as well as know who you can turn to when You are needing the knowledge necessary.


It may be a new parent who has to be able to turn to those who have had kids before. In the volunteer role with marine rescue when I started I had the experience with the radios, I was needing to learn about the boating side where I had hardly any experience at all. The experience that did have was from small sail boats in high school. In that role I am able to turn to someone and say I have this can you please advise. It’s a matter of being willing to turn around and say I am needing help with this area.


We may be learning all our lives and prior to becoming a success those lessons that had to keep on learning before we can achieve that success which we were all wanting to achieve as a person. It may be that we had to learn more about a lot more than you knew. It can sometimes mean having to turn to someone and say alright can you talk to me about this please. Telling the person that is enough for now and lets pickup soon I am in information overload now.

hqdefault (1)In today’s society we have easier access to knowledge of others in the form of phone, email, skype, messenger, text message or a letter. It’s so much easier now to communicate and ask those questions that You are wanting an answer to. We also can get the knowledge we are needing from books, studies, the internet and many various sources.

Thank you to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this powerful group which allows to see where I am needing to grow as a person. Also allowing everyone to become a more stronger person.

Your friend for life,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia

Ask yourself the right questions

How many programs have you been in that seemed to vanish and you woke up holding the ashes of your dreams? Many people are asking themselves, it is possible to build this once and have it pay me for the rest of my life. Yes and even pay my children and children’s children.

Almost sounds too good to be true. Yet there are a few in this industry who are finding that if you use the right marketing approach that this is more the norm and not the exception. How can that be? Bill & Cynthia Breed asked themselves the same questions before they discovered the secrets in Success In Ten Steps. To read Bill & Cynthia’s story, go to:


Long term viability does not have to be a pipe dream. It can be a reality in your life. To discover how to create long term viability in your program, give me a call at +61 2 7902 1554 or hit reply right now and end me your name, phone number, and the best time to call.

To Your Success,

Ben Drake
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PS: ask yourself how many more times you want to build it? Three? Four? Five? Any more than once is one time too many. I hope you have taken the time to download and read Success In Ten Steps.

Auto suggestion–you create your reality

hq3Whatever you think about constantly is what comes back to you. We have to be on guard for what we want from life and to believe with faith that we will receive what we are asking for from life. Our thoughts must be in alignment with what we are working to achieve. You have to direct your emotional energy into our objective.

Until you know you believe you can achieve our goal then it isn’t postive thinkinggoing to occur as Michael Dlouhy often says, often there has been a picture within own mind of what want to do and become even though it may take work to achieve that goal it’s still there. Yet it has also taken a lot to even realize that already had a lot more than knew over the years.

Romantic Love Quotes and SayingsHaving that time freedom has been so wonderful allowing to be that husband who always wanted to be as a person. You can either believe that the time freedom is an asset and what You always dreamed of or believe that it is also a liability and turn it the other way. You can suggest to yourself that you have that freedom yet it has to be in tune with your own reality. You can say You’re a wonderful father yet You have to believe such within Yourself.

Auto suggestion is where You create that life of Your dreams and become that wonderful amazing person You always dreamed of being. $_3That person that You always said I am wanting someone who does this, this and this well that was always Yourself. It’s the You that You are looking for who is inside Yourself. That is who You are.

back_3Thank You to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Your own ongoing guidance love and support. Thanks to own amazing mentor Ken Klemm and everyone else on this amazing Journey for teaching the lessons which really had to learn during own life.

canYour friend for life,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia

When Letting Go Sets You Free

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There comes a point when you have to let go and stop trying with some people. If someone wants you in their life, they’ll find a way to include you and not ignore your presence. Sometimes you just need to let go and accept the fact that they don’t care for you the way you care for them. Let them leave your life quietly. Letting go is often times difficult because of how much we care, but your spirit will continue to waste if you hold on. We think it is too hard to let go, until we actually do. Then we ask ourselves , “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” — Unknown

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Partnership Is More Than…

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Partnership is more than standing here side by side,
Exchanging looks full of love, full of pride.
It’s more than the ceremony, which lasts just a while,
It’s a promise that’s shared, it’s an intimate smile.
It’s a personal bond that you know will not end,
The knowledge that someone your love will defend.
It’s a vow of commitment, special and true,
It’s a hope and a dream of love endless for you.

— Unknown

Cop Caught Family Stealing And What He Did Will Warm Your Heart

cop saves

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