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There comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the drama and the people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Learn from the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right and pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life. Getting back up is living. — Jose N. Harris

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What you constantly say to Yourself becomes Your own reality

positive-self-talkWhat you constantly say to Yourself becomes Your own reality, that is the power of Your own thoughts. I am needing to focus own thoughts more and more on being healthy and improving own health. It is growing daily and I am getting stronger yet it is time to improve such.

Thank you to my amazing wonderful Mentors and friends Michael and Linda Dlouhy, Ken Klemm for Your own ongoing guidance and support, to my amazing wife Jenny Drake thank You for being that amazing loving wonderful woman with her heart of gold.

Have a wonderful day,

Ben Drake

Ps. Its time to enjoy that honey moon which has been within own view over the last few months and we have both designed. Thank you to those amazing wonderful friends and family for their support, we leave next Monday night on an outstanding trip.

The major lessons learnt from looking for a relationship over the years before getting married at 37. Part 3

The major lessons learnt from looking for a relationship over the years before getting married at 37. Part 3

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Remove the agenda

clip_image001Agenda well everyone has an agenda, its that some people want to push their own agenda right onto the other person straight away. Examples of an agenda

· Wanting to sleep with someone just for the sake of having sex. Had a few relationships where such was the case, they often don’t end well when You aren’t what the other person wants You to be.

· You want to get healthy, yet the other person is seeking to make an income from you. That is all they really want.

· Your seeking friendship and the other person say’s give me people to join my team. When you offer the friendship.

clip_image002Its as simple as some people just want to sleep with others or want to get laid others they want a family. What did notice was that when I had no interest in a woman other than being a friend it would work like a dream, otherwise it would be a mess. When was happy in the relationship or simular then a lot of other relationships worked well, I have built some wonderful friendships owing to having no real interest in the person other than knowing that person as a person.

One weekend went away with a group of friends there was a woman who was taken and she was happy to just sit back and relax and talk, even her partner was the same. We could sit back and relax and talk and was feeling accepted as a person. Yet when that person had an agenda and was pushing such You can often feel such.

These days its about loving own wife and enjoying spending time with her. Living that life, its also about stopping needing getting own needs and desires constantly fore filled over that of others. Do You ring someone only wanting something or it more about ok how can I assist You.

In the past I personally saw sex as being loved and that was own belief system for many years until learnt that the love was seeking was within own self. That was also how came across that was desperately seeking love, yet it was inside myself. These days being married it is time to share that love which have within self, to share that love that learnt as a child from own grandmother. When you have an agenda it’s because you’re wanting something from the other party rather than being concerned about what that other persons needs were as a person.

clip_image003Someone may say I am looking for love and offer themselve’s yet it turns out to only be about the hookup and getting laid to the other person. To them they may of yet to discover that the love they seek is within them selves.

You Can Do This Also and You Can Create A Brand New You,
Learn to create that life of Your Dreams
Wishing you the best in health and love and big hugs
Jenny and Ben
Mentors with a servants heart
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Cold calling stinks

A brilliant message from own mentors Michael and Linda Dlouhy with why calling people cold stinks and is a bad way to build any business. I am just curious would You like to learn how to be able to have those who are wanting to know what You are doing???? You can download my free book and from the side bar. Have an amazing day,


Let’s be blunt. Cold calling stinks! There has got to be a better way. I am glad to tell you that there is a better way. It is called the “Color To Success” CD Training.

So what do colors have to do with your success level?

How can understanding colors allow you to potentially see up to a 300% increase in your response rate?

Color To Success is a unique approach to helping you have success in contacting prospects. Most people think it is all about having a great ability to close the deal, to make that prospect yank out their wallet and buy right now. This sounds good, but really misses a vital key to long term success.

What is the key to having long term success?

It first starts with understanding the type of business you are really promoting. Many people believe it is all about having the best product or service. Others think it is about having a fancy web site or a 20 page full color brochure.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s not about what you are “selling”, but it is something so simple that most people will completely overlook it. In fact, once you see and understand the simple principles that are shared on this CD, you will be amazed at how you will be able to go from having to hear 100+ No’s every day to dealing with a high number of Yes’s.

If you are ready to discover what you are really promoting and to get the prospects to enjoy your calling them, then go to:


To Your Success,

Ben Drake

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