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A husband and father living with health challenges who gets his life back on track, including starting his own family. Through the lessons from his own family and friends Ben has been able to become a father and now offers help to those who want to become better.

A look at the lifestyle

As a father and husband, Ben was looking for ways to spend quality time with his family. Wanting to watch his family grow up, he has learned many lessons and shares his experience. Having grow up learning a number of lessons about how to raise his family. He is out there helping families to live better lives, sharing his experience and skills learned from his time in business and building friendships, relationships, a team and changing a life with a team of wonderful mentors and coaches and friends.

With lessons from health, relationships,  working with the world help organization team we help families to live better lives, helping them to become educated and to become the person they were intended to be. Allowing those families to live the life of their dreams.

Please feel free to get in touch at any time with any questions You may have. The team is more than happy to help You to realize Your own lack of success is not Your own fault, especially when You haven’t got the right information. Along with helping You to become
the person You were meant to be. You are perfect just as You are.

We live a health and lifestyle at the gym 3 days a week, this is our journey in not only network marketing life as well. With family in Australia and New Zealand, our Son Jamie, nephew Ryan and our niece Chloe. Ben has spent a bit building the family tree to learn about the families and to show their kids where they have come from. You can find the family tree pages here.

Together we have we have a number of interests.

Jenny enjoys horse’s, planes and travelling, Jenny is an early child hood teacher,

Ben has a interests in trains and boats, he has been a train enthusiast since was a child. Playing around with model trains for a number of years, is a member of the local train club which builds and run’s model train layouts at exhibitions.

Having done a number of volunteer role including.
He is a passenger service attendant for a railway for a heritage train.
A marine Radio Operator
A First Aider

Ben is an entrepreneur working with the World Help Organisation Team, helping families to live better lives and to become better people. Through the journey of personal development and as an entrepreneur.

Ben has been working on health and improving own health for a number of years and is a mentor and coach for free that assists network marketers who are wanting to build their business and to live a lifestyle of their dreams. We help entrepreneurs become successful no matter what company they are working with. And I do it for FREE! You can do this also and design the life of Your dreams,
creating a brand new You.

Ben’s health story is bellow

We are wanting to pay it forward and help You become a success in whatever You decided to do with Your life, if help is needed.

Would it be OK if I shared a free eBook with you? as a husband and father I struggled for many years in my entrepreneur endeavours, experiencing the highs and lows which come from this wonderful industry.  Then, someone reached out to me and offered me this free ebook, as I am reaching out to you!

This book explains why people do the things they do and if you deal with people in your business, you will probably enjoy the explanation in this ebook.

There is no cost to get the eBook or any of our training.

If you would like get a copy of our free eBook then please just let us know by emailing us.

Together Jenny and Ben are at the gym and live a healthy lifestyle after years of learning the lessons of health, we enjoy day trips, going to beach, movies, traveling. We are also learning about ourselves as we continue along this journey. Learn about Ben and Jenny’s changed life and Ben and Jennys Changed lives. Ben’s changed lifestyle.

Have an amazing day,

Your friends and mentors,

We love and appreciate You,

Ben and Jenny
“Helping ordinary people live extraordinary lifestyles”
Email: ben@ben-drake.com
West Ryde NSW Australia

You can find us on.
Facebook Mentor Ben Drake Page
You Tube
Skype: bend2005

You can call us on +61 (0) 2 7902 1554 or +61 (0) 421 464 549 or email ben@ben-drake.com



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Amazing story Ben.
    And I wish you much success with all that you do.
    Do you sell bone broth? And if so how much is it if Iwas to place an order.
    Best regards,


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Stay at home dad – Helping families to live better lives.