Marsha Sortino

Marsha Sortino – Boston, MA

Thoughts are Things
Every time I read this chapter, it seems I understand more and more.
Thinking back to a month ago, I was thinking about how badly I wanted to get to my company’s event.
I kept thinking the good positive thoughts and saw myself at this event.
Well thanks to a kind hearted lady, Agnes Tally, I was at this event.
I also seem to always relate it to what the bible says:
In the beginning was the word (this is a thought)…and the word became flesh (this manifestation became real).
God or whatever your understanding of God may be tells us that thoughts are things.
Now I know there is more to this meaning but just the word alone started as a thought and became real.
Wow, I think about this idea and can’t help that the message behind this is for all of us to realize that “thoughts are things” and we create our lives by the way think and see our world.
Choices we make everyday affect our realites. Choosing our thoughts carefully is wisdom.
So what we think about on a daily basis is more important than we realize because it is about our lives and the meaning that we give to our realities that count and how our lives produce meaning to our realities.
We become centered, balanced and with direction follwing the path that leads to goodness and love.
What meaning do we give to our lives?
What meaning do we give to our realities?
What new, better, grander thoughts can we think about to give special meaning to our lives today?
Giving special meaning to our lives with good thoughts means we have the power to create the life we want to create.
Taking God’s wisdom in planning our lives, living the action and treasuring our thoughts and these become who we are. It’s the gift of freedom but we must guard our thoughts.
If we don’t guard and own our thoughts, being responsible with them, someone else will create them for us and steal our dreams.
Honestly, I believe this is the first time in my life that I have taken my thoughts and guared them. I never realized how precious my thoughts and dreams were in the past and that they should be guarded so I could create my life.
It’s like waking up and seeing the universe for the first time!
I’m so grateful for learning this wisdom.
Much Love and appreciation,
Marsha Sortino
Boston, MA

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