Personal lesson chapter 1 thoughts are things

Chapter 1 thoughts are things

This is a very powerful chapter that it comes back to essentially what we believe within ourselves is ultimately what comes into reality. I was recently watching a video by liouse hay on about loving ourselves it came back to the same thing, loving myself. That has been the hardest challenge overcoming all that programming being scared of what the family would say. Yet I choose to take on this life now. The hardest thing is many years ago I closed my heart owing to so much emotional pain and now I am needing to work through such.

I choose to follow my own dreams and let others be behind me, for me being a father and being able to spend time with my own family is the most powerful pull in my own life. Something that was rare when growing up, yes I have had to learn to identify which people are good and bad influences that was the hard part.

For me for many years I was scared of being a father owing to my upbringing and also being judged as a person, it is at the stage where I am ready to be that father. Its taken many years to be able to do such, many years to remove that junk from my own mind and to feel ready to say yes I will be a wonderful father. The time has come for me to walk that road, a road well separate from that which I grew up.

The people who like to pull me back are unable to stop me. They can say what they want yet I know what I am doing is right for me. Its what is going to allow me to live the life I want to live, have the best health I can and to do what I want as a person. I am going to stop following the example which was fed to me from my family of ill health and focus on having the best health.

Thank you to Michael, Willena and Ken for your wonderful guidance and leadership. To the mentoring for free team and mental cleanse partisipants thank you for your lessons which inspire me. Abundant love,

Ben Drake

Mona Vale Sydney NSW Australia

Personal lesson plan for chapter 1 of the 30 day mental cleanse.

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