Mike and Darlene Moore

Mike and Darlene Moore, Barnesville, Ohio

The Ninth Step toward Riches
Since this is a chapter on power of the mastermind. I shared my thoughts of this chapter with my
husband and he gave me his ideas on my thoughts.
Together we came up with a very good example of how we thought the mastermind team
worked with Mentoring For Free.
Michael Dlouhy had the idea to focus on figuring out how to succeed in network marketing.
He gathered together different pieces of information about what was being taught in network marketing.
After studying the pieces of information, he decided which pieces fit and which ones did not.
Then he painted a picture in his mind of how to succeed at network marketing.
After painting this picture in his mind, knowing how important a mastermind team was, he then shared
what he had discovered with his family. Which now his picture had four people in his mastermind group.
Now let’s look at this like it is a puzzle.
So now this picture has been cut into a four piece puzzle giving it four corners.
Michael decided at this point to share with other people what he had discovered, while painting his picture.
Having the confidence on the knowledge he had obtained, Michael and his family spread these four corners
out and decided to turn it into a million piece puzzle.
In order to create the straight edges to connect the corners Michael needed leaders.
The Mentoring For Free recipe being the picture of his puzzle. Michael started sharing with people what
he had discovered and chose to share his picture with anyone who wanted to look at it.
As people became fascinated with this picture he had painted, and learned they could paint it also, they
wanted a copy of his picture to put in their homes.
While people were learning how to paint Michael’s picture, they were also sharing it with other people. Before
you knew it Michael had started building his leaders to connect the corners.
It is now time to continue to share this picture with even more people, in order to fill in all the pieces to
complete his million piece puzzle.
Michael knew by teaching other people how to paint this picture, he was also teaching them how to make
their own million piece puzzle.
As people learned how to paint this same picture, they were molding themselves into an important piece of
the puzzle.
And while people are learning to think for themselves and becoming part of Michael’s puzzle, they are becoming
the first corner of their own puzzle.
Because this system is so duplicatable, people can choose if their own puzzle is a 500 piece puzzle or a million
piece puzzle.
The Mentoring For Free system is a gorgeous picture of who we want to become and because of this we are
able to see the picture of the finalization of our own puzzle.
Just like any other puzzle Michael has given us his picture, so we can lay it down and look at it.
Then he gives us step by step instructions, and makes himself available to each one of us for when we need
the instructions explained in more detail.
Through this process he teaches us how to find the pieces, which will fit into our puzzle, so we can take our
own puzzle to its completion.
As a bonus, he shows us how to place our puzzle on the right foundation so it will last us 100 years.
So, let me ask you this question. If a million people said the same self-talk 200 times a day and sent the
same message out to the universe, what kind of impact would it have?
Michael and Linda are where Mike and I want to be. How many times have we heard “In order to be where
we want to be, we need to associate with people who have what we want, and do what they do?”
Even though I personally have many self-talks I do a day, I still say Michael’s self-talk 200 times a day,
because I know he is also saying his self-talk at least 200 times a day.
Each time we are on this chapter someone challenges us to do something together. Mike and I would like to
challenge everyone to say Michael’s self-talk 200 times a day for one week and see the impact it makes in our
purpose of doing the Mentoring For Free system.
Just a reminder of Michael’s self-talk:
I AM having fun, building the largest, most profitable, highest retention organization, ever built, in the history
of network marketing, easily and consistently, through education and teamwork.
You must say this self-talk with an excited feeling and faith!
You can change the first part, as an example to, I AM having a great time (green), I AM absolutely loving (yellow),
I AM having success (red) etc. But the rest has to stay the same in order for us to have the harmony of sending
the same exact message.
Thank you Michael, Linda and the Mastermind Team for helping to make Michael’s puzzle with a solid foundation
of success.
With Love and Appreciation
Mike and Darlene Moore

Lesson plan from Mike and Darlene Moore on chapter  10for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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