Stay at home parent (Husband or Wife) 1) Create a to-do list of the days activities as my mentor says you’d be surprised what you can achieve just by putting it down. When I restarted doing that it was around 30 items a day from teeth to shower etc. 2) Spend time working on Yourself – do personal deleopment. You have to become worth more. 3) Have activities away from the home. I would always go out to gym to improve my own strength. 4) Believe in Your own dream. 5) Keep going to Your goal, You will find those who believe in Your dream too. 6) Have a positive attitude. 7) Spend time with the kids or loved ones regularly and have a time for them when you get that time together. 8) Get around those who support Your dream, let those who knock it go. 9) Yes it may mean early starts or late nights in the end You will have that life and will hear they have an amazing life. 10) Be Yourself it’s up to you. If You are comfy wearing tights at home all day do that, it’s Your life. Not that of those who say No You need to do this. #sahd #sahm #lifestyle #designyourlife #createyourlife #family

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I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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