Those constant inspirations

Would it be ok if I shared my lesson on Chapter 14 from Think and Grow Rich for this week’s Think and Grow Rich Lessons with You. A program that has helped thousands to change their lives and to become the person that they were intended to be. It has helped myself to become a better husband, father and friend.

hq3For many years the sixth sense has been a strong part of life. Its taken years to say its my sixth sense rather than anothers opinion. When first rode a trail bike I had a quick decision to make between a barbwire fence and a fence post. Choosing the fence over the post and ending up with stiches down my arms, the sixth sense was helpful in guiding to save then.

2 Friends (www_cute-pictures_blogspot_com)It has guideded being a stay at home dad, even fear still does run at times. For many years its been working on building a stronger sixth sense to know what Jamie needs and how can best help those who need my help or turn up asking for help.

925505_1478708732363299_913193697_nIt may be as simple as reading the message from those who have messaged saying ok they want this support and going from there, at times its meant saying that’s Your limiting belief Not mine to the person which has often appeared in own thoughts when reading the message. Our sixth sense as a parent takes time to develop and grow knowing what our baby may be needing. Then we get to know via the sixth sense what our child is asking for when they cry.

Thank You to my amazing wonderful friends, mentors and family Ken Klemm, Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your ongoing love support and encouragement. To my amazing wife Jenny thanks for Your ongoing love, support and encouragement that You offer.

Your friend for life,

Big hugs

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia

You can read many more Brilliant lessons on our think and grow rich lessons Forum or even post Your own thoughts on the topic and join us for the discussion. We’d love to help You to own Your life, if You would like to participate in our free personal development training please let me know.


I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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