where are Your thoughts taking You?

Would it be ok if I shared my lesson on Chapter 13 from Think and Grow Rich for this week’s Think and Grow Rich Lessons with You. A program that has helped thousands to change their lives and to become the person that they were intended to be.

61af57f261fe92f4908f6b8e6efde54f where are Your thoughts taking You, Your thoughts driving Your world are You becoming more of what You are working towards; are You being drawn towards that goal that You have set as Your major goal from life or are You just drifting and going poor me. how You feel about Your or dream projects to those around us.

6571060-young-man-kissing-his-wife-sitting-on-bed-at-homewe are speaking and thinking our reality into existence; we will pick up the thoughts of those around us and draw those who are able to assist us to achieve our goal. we need to be emotional about our goal and also help others to become emotional about their goals. for some its love, others it’s so much more.

11209733_941528419201135_3126404278616272340_nYou can constantly have charities asking for donations owing to your giving nature that You may have to say sorry I am unable to do that right now but how about You call me back or ask me again later / next time and we will see if can help You then, you can say Yes or You can be like sorry I have a family to support and am unable to afford a donation. 14808946211_00d2e6ce6b_z

the first two are examples of someone who is willing to give someone wants to help out, at times they may have say right now I am unable to and its ok they are happy to give. whilst the 3rd is an example of being unwilling to help out charities that they constantly are in that state of lack where they pull that lack towards them.

2c69c5f61aabd7c0dd6b55bfce155cbbwhereas the first two examples are ones of abundance and know that there is more than enough to give, our brains will draw either of these to us whichever we are in whether it’s the positive or negative emotions. lack or abundance, often one may have little money but have the time to volunteer to a charity to help them that is still from the abundance mindset that we are able to give a portion of our time which we have on our hands to others.

if-you-have-no-confidence-in-self-you-are-twice-defeated-in-the-race-of-life-quote-1we can do the same with our own businesses that we can repel or attract those to us who are going to be our business partners. we simply do this by talking about what we are looking for in a partner or we can talk about what we hate about that person, in the same way, we are again attracting to us the same results. we can say that we love those who dress in active gear as they want to live a healthy lifestyle and are focused on being healthy or we can say complain about how everyone is dressed in active gear these days.

$T2eC16R,!)oFIeH4IZ32BSc7s4F09g--60_35either way we are drawing both to us it’s a matter of what we focus on that is drawn to us through our own brain and the power of our own thoughts. I am just curious what are You constantly focused on helping others, earning ann income, the bill that’s due, when You focus on helping others and offer to help others Your life is worth it. when You are focused on earning an income and only an income it becomes a constant battle to survive.

7d1fd89b447c0917b9008a5d965b1b54the choice is Yours what You attract and draw to You constantly.

7f2dbc728f40385c1ae5358f10ff9be5thank You to my amazing friends from around the world, my amazing wonderful mentors Michael and Linda Dlouhy as well as Ken Klemm for Your ongoing guidance, love, support, and encouragement helping to build a better life for the future. thank You also to my wife for life Jenny for Your own ongoing support, love and encouragement.

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia – moving to Gold Coast of Qld by 29 may 2021

ps I am just curious what are You constantly drawing to You?

a very powerful lesson from both Margi Starr and Tuula Rands are bellow both have exceptionally powerful word pictures and tell us an amazing story of the power of our brains.

Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Chapter 13 – The Brain

I was entering 7th grade when the new band director came to town.  Harry Blake was hired by the local school board with hopes of turning awkward adolescents into a reasonable sounding school band.  A Broadway musical called The Music Man, was all the rage and everyone was humming “Seventy-six Trombones.”

Although Harry Blake didn’t have the same charm as Professor Harold Hill, he did have a way of teaching us that was remarkable.

Tall, thin, and fresh out of college, this new teacher with a green personality, stood in front of us.  I’m sure he was scared to death, but he didn’t let us know it.  It was September.  Our band was really bad.  As a flute player, I was clueless as to what I was doing.  It took most of the band period to get us halfway in tune with one another.

But despite his inexperience and our squeaking clarinets, Mr. Blake had a vision for us.

There was no goofing off.  Those that wanted to learn the music stayed, and those who didn’t, dropped out.

Mr. Blake started to pour into us his own musical experience.  Practice sessions were run like boot camp.  You were expected to practice your music at home.  No excuses.  There’s the door…

The people who attended our Christmas band concert were quite surprised.  In a couple of months, we were cranking out some decent sounding Christmas music.

Regional music contests were held every spring.  Right after Christmas, Mr. Blake helped me select a Flute solo that was far beyond my capability. “You can do it.”   He taught me how to add the expression that makes music more enjoyable for the performer,  as well as the listener.

More students than ever in our school’s history won First places in the individual instrumental competitions. I recently stumbled across my small gold medal, with the red, white and blue ribbon.  It’s all faded now, but it still put a smile on my face.

Immediately after individual competitions, we started practicing for the Regional Band Competitions.  The practice schedule was rigorous and parents started complaining that Mr. Blake was working us too hard.  He moved many of us 7th and 8th graders up to the Senior Band. The upperclassmen looked at us with some disdain at first, but when we started playing “as one,” it was pretty impressive.

We took First place in our Regional contest, and were invited to attend the State competition.  Our little “River City” band had NEVER gone to that level before.

Now the hard work began.  Nightly practices with a new emphasis on Sight Reading.  At the State level, that was a new area judged, and was something we had to learn.  Fast.

Practices were grueling, yet exhilarating, as we together learned to look at a piece of never-seen-before band music and play it through the FIRST time as though you were performing it before judges.  That’s where our BRAINS began working together with a new kind of synergy. We learned to “read” each other’s minds and tap into one another’s strengths.

Our trip to Indianapolis was pretty awesome.  There we were among big schools with prestigious bands from all over the state.  We were a small band, but when that First Place in our division was announced, our screams could be heard around the entire state.

This true story has a surprise ending.

Mr. Blake was fired at the end of the year.  There were too many complaints from parents who thought we spent too much time practicing.  Sigh.

The next year we had a friendlier band director. The parents liked him better, but his band practices were very casual.  The parents were disappointed when we brought home a Third Place at band contest that year.  No state contest for us; and no contract renewal for Mr. Adams.

I put my flute away and didn’t sign up for the band my freshman year.

My faded gold medal reminds me of what a group can accomplish TOGETHER.

Even when you don’t have the skills at first and even when there are people who don’t believe in you.   It doesn’t matter.

Sometimes you may not even understand what you can accomplish, until someone casts a Vision for you.

But when you are truly All In AND you have an outrageous GOAL in front of you… with the right coaching, the impossible becomes POSSIBLE.

Margi Starr

Tuula Rands Summerland, British Columbia, Canada

Chapter 13 – the Brain

The Brain is defined in the dictionary as the organ of the body in the head that
controls functions, movements, sensations, and thoughts.

The title of this book is THINK and Grow Rich.

To THINK, the dictionary states, is to form a mental picture of, to call to mind,
to subject to the logical processes of logical thought or think things out.  

In other words the brain controls our thinking and we are in control
of our brain, IF we so choose.  Everything comes down to choice and
action as Hill has been telling us in each chapter of this book.

My brother, Leo, owned and operated a backhoe and that is how he
made his livelihood.  He chose to understand and become so skillful at
operating that machine so precicely that the backhoe became
an extension of himself.  The arm of the backhoe may as well have been
attached to his own arm. When Leo accepted a contract and went to work,
whether it was digging a well, putting in a septic field, or digging a ditch,
he would know in his mind what the end result should be and each movement was
controlled first in his mind and extended through his arm to the arm of the machine.
The arm of the backhoe did not do anything that Leo did not first control
in him mind. Leo became so skilled that when anyone wanted any kind of hole
dug they would call him because they knew they would get what they wanted.

WE are in control of our thoughts IF we so choose and our actions define those

So I ask myself, what choices am I making?  Have I chosen to learn the
Big Al skills so that they have become a part of me?  Have I chosen to understand the
personality colors so I can distinguish a persons color as quickly and accurately
as Michael Dlouhy does?  Have I chosen to plan my business, set on paper my goals
and how I am going to achieve them?  Have I chosen to become so skillful in my
business that it has become an extension of myself?  Am I truthfully ALL IN?

Whether we are a backhoe operator digging a well or whether we are a Network
Marketer we have a brain and we can use it to make excuses on why something will
not work or we can use it to become so skillfull in what we do it becomes an
extension of ourselves?

Success begins in the mind first and once we have made the choice of success,
it is only then that we can broadcast the know, like and trust to others and
people want to do business with people who know where they are going.

People called my brother, Leo, when they wanted a well, a septic tank or just a hole in the
ground because they knew he had the skills to get the job done.

I ask myself, am I the kind of coach and mentor that people will call because
they know I have the skills to get the job done?  It all begins in the brain
and the power of choice.

Tuula Rands

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I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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