Specialized knowledge lessons

Would it be ok if I shared two brilliant lessons from Specialized knowledge with You,

the brilliant lessons from both Ken Klemm and Marcel Schmidt

Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, United States

I will have been umpiring baseball and softball games
25 years this spring. I have worked middle school, high
school and college, as well as many youth and adult
recreational league games.

The most important thing I had to learn was the
mechanics: How to get the best positions and angles to
make good decisions, and how to signal them clearly.
I’ve worked the majority of my games alone, but I’ve
worked every position in 2-man, 3-man, 4-man and 6-man
crews. The mechanics are different for each size crew.

When I was new I attended clinics presented by local
umpire groups, but I really didn’t LEARN anything until
I got out on the field and worked some games.

As I became more experienced I attended clinics done by
college and MLB umpires. I attend every year.

For the past 18 years I’ve taught at clinics for new
umpires. You learn by teaching too.

Now, that’s just the Mechanics. Then there are the
RULES. There are so many rules!

There are different rules for baseball and softball –
fastpitch and slowpitch – and modified pitch. Different
organizations too – and different levels of play based
on age and/or experience within each organization. I’ve
worked games for more than 6 baseball organizations and
more than 8 softball organizations.

I once had a whole shelf full of rule books – and I had
to replace them all every year. The rules change all
the time!

I love the Information Age because now I can download
all those books every year and put them all on my iPad
for easy access.

Then there are the optional rules adopted by each local
league and ball park – and THEY change all the time

Constant preparation.

Prior to each season I condition myself physically,
download and study the rule books, attend a clinic, and
teach a clinic. I take written tests, whether or not it
is required. Prior to each game, I review the rules of
the organization’s age division and the local park

At the park, if I’m working with a crew, we meet and
discuss our coverage and signals. Five minutes before
game time we meet with the two team managers to ensure
we are all on the same page.

Learning Network Marketing is a similar process…

You attend clinics, study books, learn skills – but You
don’t really LEARN them until You PRACTICE them.
You are experienced You TEACH others, and thus MASTER
the skills.

You need not travel far. Mentoring For Free is Your ONE
STOP to do it all.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm

P.S. “Be careful WHO You listen to!”

Marcel Schmidt Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Chapter 5 Specialized Knowledge

As I was reading chapter 5 I realized that for the past year and a half I have been learning specialized knowledge in the skills calls and training calls in Mentoring For Free.

I have learnt that by removing my agenda and only helping people become successful in their business I am practising the principle that Zig Ziglar believes in and that is giving the people everything that they want I will get everything I have always wanted.

My agenda was to always recruit,recruit,recruit but I am not a salesman so it never worked well Now I use the MFF pro system to find like minded marketers that I can help and build a know,like and trust relationship with them by simply helping those people in their business.

To gain specialized knowledge I am listening to STS over and over and also listening to Think and Grow Rich Lessons and doing the thirty day mental cleanse and by doing this I am betterable to focus,focus,focus.

Thanks to Michael and Linda for creating MFF

Marcel Schmidt

Thunder Bay Ontario Canada On the beautiful shores of Lake Superior

You can read many more Brilliant lessons on our think and grow rich lessons Forum or even post Your own thoughts on the topic and join us for the discussion. We’d love to help You to own Your life. Please feel free to join at https://www.thinkandgrowrichlessons.com/bdrake or to contact at anytime to find out how You can join the calls and own Your life also.


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