Emotions and what we expect

hq3Through the emotions the vibrations of thought may be increased. We need to take that what gets us so emotional, and use that within our own lives to change our lives. Also that of those around us, are You expecting friendship from those who You meet? Are You expecting people to want Your help as that is what others are picking up on.

postive thinkingOur brains can pick up on the vibration from another brain despite its distance. Recently whist doing a overnight shift for a volunteer roll taking a phone call from a staff member advising they were unable to attend the shift. When letting the incoming shift know that the person was unwell they advised that they had a feeling that person wasn’t going to be in attendance. Our brains can pickup on every area around it.

2c69c5f61aabd7c0dd6b55bfce155cbbOur thoughts can transmit to another and we get what we expect. When You expect friendship it happens, you expect love it happens, you expect that others will come to You wanting help then it will happen, You expect business partners then it will happen. You have to use all the principles from think and grow rich to achieve Your dream and goal.

canWhen first met Jenny I had said to Myself that the next woman was going to be the woman who I was going to marry. It turned out to be so and has gone from there, that My brain and subconscious worked to create that event and make that happen.

Thank You to my amazing wonderful loving friends who mean the world to me for their ongoing love, caring and support Linda and Michael Dlouhy. To Ken Klemm for Your own ongoing guidance love and support.

Your friend,

With love and appreciation,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia


We love and appreciate you,
We believe in You

Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny

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I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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