Becoming a professional network marketer and owning my life.

Becoming a professional network marketer and owning my life.

postive thinkingIt wasn’t until made that decision that the next woman dated would be own wife and life partner that Jenny came into own life. That most loving woman who is the most beautiful woman in the world and means the world personally, that decision was made and it took getting back out there wanting to create that life of own dreams starting with getting married.

th (2)For years there was little decision as to what wanted to do with own life, that was sailing as if a ship without a course. Yes had an idea that wanted to impact the life of own family, what did that family look like, what impact was I wanting to make within their lives. How was I was going to do that, well that was unknown until now!!!!. For years listening to the choices made for me was what happened rather than making own choices as a person.

thV7USIPI9I am a professional network marketer and wonderful friend, I am able to able to create those friendships easily. Leaving those messy friendships behind, over many years the influence of opinions of those around was very strong. That truly had to learn how to think for myself rather than listening to those within own circle. Deciding is their input what is needed and worth listening to. That decision needed to be made do they have the experience I am needing to know about with building a business. They may know how to repair a model train however their network marketing business experience is none.

thThe decision to turn to that person for model train repairs is a sound choice, turning to them for network marketing advice is a going to get messy. For many years that decision of own career and what really wanted to be within own life was held back only by letting own health run my life. It has run my own life for many years. As well as listening to opinions given.

My-Best-FriendsThese days yes I am healthy, I am healthier that have been in many years. I am a professional network marketer who has found the way to be able to impact the lives of his own family. I am able to create that life of own dreams and help families to improve their lives and live better lives just as wanted to have done for many years helping people during their time of need. I am able to build that team that dreamed of many years ago when was Young. All of those dreams can become a reality it is going to take work rather than saying I am going to do this and expecting it just happen.

th (5)It means deciding to help those who want own offer and doing whatever can, being a true friend. It is now my own decision how to take what the person says, to choose to listen or not listen to their input.

Thank you so much to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for taking the time to help us all to own our lives, to my amazing wonderful mentor Ken Klemm for Your ongoing inspiration and guidance.

Your friend for life,

With love and appreciation

Big hugs,

Ben Drake
West Ryde Sydney NSW


We love and appreciate you,
Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny

“Helping families live better lives”

You know how most people are wanting to create a income from home to be able to spend more time with their familes. Some people have found a way to be able to spend more time with their loved ones and still have a income coming in.

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