Whatever You can imagine

Whatever You can Imagine11209733_941528419201135_3126404278616272340_n and dream Your life will look like You will achieve. Our thoughts determine our life and where we want to go in life.

$_3Everyone says they want to change their lives, some people have found that key to do that. It’s throughout the book Think and Grow Rich. The main key happens to be Your own thoughts about Your reality. Before meeting my amazing wife Jenny, I had a couple of relationships and the persons thoughts later became evident as to what reality the person was in.

confront_and_overcome_your_fears_and_phobias_with_this_expert_adviceOne was a meet and greet, one night that was really all. The other was more looking to hook up, when wanted some form of sexual release. That was what their own thoughts were, they both believed their own reality and imagination that they were that role and therefore that is what happened within their life. Whist own thoughts had to do with being married and finding that wonderful amazing woman.

LookAtYourselfToday being in that relationship came true by changing own reality and saying this is what I am wanting from life. Imagining and dreaming from a very young age and refusing to give up on that dream, keeping on working towards that.

hugMichael Dlouhy our wonderful mentor imagined mentoring for free university and we are seeing it coming to life with the up and coming bootcamp and the new mentoring for free system. We all dreamed at some point of a changed reality, I am just curious what was Your dream and what are You doing to achieve that goal and dream.

healthy familyMost people have a goal and are unhappy with their progress believing that the goal had of been achieved quicker. We all have our own individual dreams, what are we doing to help others to achieve their goals and dreams so that we can achieve our own goals and dreams. What is Your reality, is it being able to buy a steam engine for a local charity and saying here You go let’s get to work on restoring this engine its Yours.

thV7USIPI9Building a layout for the public to be able to come and see, using the skills learnt from Your friends to make the layout. There are so many dreams we can all have as a person, being a leader can mean working on those smaller goals and dreams that we have as a person. Those smaller goals will lead us to the position we most desire and are wanting to achieve from our own life.

postive thinkingThank you to my amazing wonderful friends and mentors, Michael and Linda Dlouhy, who imagination and dreams have brought about a changed world for their own family and that of their friends around them. Thank you for your ongoing support, love and encouragement.

Your friend for life,

All my love and appreciation,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia

P.S. A wonderful example of imagination is Amanda Dlouhy’s wedding venue the white barn, that was built for Amanda’s own wedding and it has turned into what Amanda loves doing to help people out.


We love and appreciate you,
Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny 

“Helping families live better lives”

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Our team is able to teach You those skills to become a success and achieve all the goals and dreams you want from the network marketing industry. You will achieve success when You are coachable. You can learn the skills too with our teams 9 live free trainings weekly which will allow You to become a success in the network marketing industry, Would you like to know more???? please just let us know.


I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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