The brain and our subconscious mind

193994495What am I constantly saying to myself about who I am, the subconscious mind will pick up on those thoughts and whatever You say to Yourself. After many years wanting to be a father, I am needing to subconsciously believe that I am a father, for years I was too scared to be that father. Owing to those many influences within own life, for years they filled own subconscious mind with their own version of reality.

happy-family-beach-mother-throw-up-baby-daughter-pl-playing-sea-41182318I am also wanting to do foster care and adoption, although own families reaction scared for many years, that was to do within own life. To take care of those kids as well as own family, there are so many kids out there who are needing that loving caring family, that stay at home family who truly cares. The father who is at activities for them, reading them stories, spending time with them and involved with their lives.

I am needing to reprogram my own brain and subconscious mind with positive thoughts and feelings that I am able to be a father Twin Cute Baby Picturesof twin daughters and a son, along with able to do foster care and adoption for those kids who are really needing a family. The income will be there as we are needing that income to live that life and take care of our own kids, foster kids and adopted kids as well. Its been a dream for too long, just as being able to provide for own family and having own kids. It is time to ramp up the belief that I am able to be that father.

hAs well as telling myself constantly that I am able to be healthy, sexy, skinny, tightened, toned and firm, when You feed Your brain a thought through Your own subconscious mind with Your self talk You are influencing Your future. When You neglect to do that You allow the influences of those around You to create their reality from Your life. It was a big area to learn what I was also wanting from my own life, sorting through the Years of junk of attempting to please everyone else. We may go out there wanting to help the person, throwing them a life jacket and they will ignore that life jacket or fail to put it on. It is time to influence own world.

stock-photo-4951192-family-reunionThank You so much to Linda and MichaelΒ Dlouhy for Your powerful love, caring and support, encouraging words and being willing to help us all on the path.

Your friend for life,

All our love,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia


We love and appreciate you,
Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny

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I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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