Your Best M-L-M Pr0spects …?

A brilliant lesson from the mentoring for free lessons,

When you look to find new bus1ness partners in a cold mar*ket, you should ONLY ever focus on people actively looking to make m0ney from home. It is a waste of your time to pursue anybody who has not recently demonstrated that desire.

OK. Let’s divide “people who want to make m0ney from home” into 2 categories:

  1. Those who have experience in M-L-M.
  2. Those who don’t.

For a lot of reasons, the “Success In 10 Steps” eb00k is targeted to group #1. The book addresses their specific frustrations. This is a group you do not have to explain M-L-M to – they already understand the concept. (And sometimes, the idea of and the reason for seeking “res1dual inc0me” isn’t that easy for people to get.)

You could come up with a lot of other reasons, but the bottom line is that group #1 is just a lot more targeted. There are millions of names in that group, and 99% of them want help.”Success In 10 Steps” is written for them. When they read it, they identify with Michael’s story. It’s a great tool for you, because it creates people who want to talk with you to get more details.

To build your own big income in M-L-M, the people you sponsor will need a constant stream of hot pr0spects. I can help you do that for them, and for yourself. For details, call me at +61 2 7902 1554 or hit reply right now and send me your name, phone number, and the best time to call.


We love and appreciate you,

Your friends and mentors,

Ben and Jenny

“Helping families live better lives”

Most people are wanting to create a income form home also and be a stay at home parent, yet they are unsure how too and are struggling to create an income from home so they can raise their family, a 38 year young house husband is helping network marketers to learn the skills needed to be successful in the network marketing industry. So that You are able to spend that time with Your family as You want to.

Our team is able to teach You those skills to become a success and achieve all the goals and dreams you want from the network marketing industry. You will achieve success when You are coachable.

You can learn the skills too with our teams 10 live free trainings weekly which will allow You to become a success in the network marketing industry, Would you like to know more???? please just let us know.


I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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