Unconscious beliefs and Your subconscious mind

disney1The need for controlling out thinking and thoughts is expressed by Napoleon Hill in this chapter, the subconscious mind picks up on any order which is given to it that is backed by faith. Whatever We all think about will come back to us when it happens to be either positive or negative. That is then drawn to us, we learned in chapter 11 about emotional energy and the energy we give those emotions. That emotion is used to send the orders to the subconscious mind.

dont-ever-let-someone-tell-you-that-you-cant-do-somethingSo we need to fill our minds with positive emotions and the belief that You are able to do what You are working towards. This is where the self talk / auto suggestions comes in handy, it helps You to create that positive environment that the subconscious will feed off that emotions. When you let those destructive thoughts inside is when You send those negative thoughts to the universe and what do You get back.

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The times when we have deeply believed what we are doing has achieved its desired results. Steve Porter has that much believe in network marketing that he can talk to anyone about what he is doing and it makes little difference what they say he just keeps on going. Throughout own life it has been a process of getting to that point where can be involved with in a conversation and someone is knocking what I am saying and it just fails to phase own opinion and belief on that subject. That I believe in what I am saying so much that it makes little difference what is said.

if-you-have-no-confidence-in-self-you-are-twice-defeated-in-the-race-of-life-quote-1There are those out there who are desperately wanting to regain their health and lifestyle again. They have had some form of health scare weather it’s being told either You lose weight or this is going to happen. There is only one area holds them back, their own unconscious belief on that subject. What they say to themselves and that tone of voice which they are using positive or negative. You will hear the persons belief in the way they talk about the subject at hand.

thThere are those who are out there with a silent desire unexpressed to anyone to achieve their goal, they know they achieve that goal and become what they are wanting to do. They subconsciously fill their mind with their belief in attaining their goal and just keep on going even when they appear to be knocked down. They pick themselves back up, dust themselves off and just go right back to work.

9244ec590e4021ebe3f497375ecf8fcbThey may hear from the naysayers all the puke regularly, yet subconsciously they know they are able to achieve their goal. They may have someone turn around and say You are getting too Gaunt, You are getting too fat. They may hear any number of sayings and reasons that someone else has stopped just 3 feet from gold. Take someone who has just been told that they have diabetes and go about making the changes suggested they can make the changes and still be a diabetic that their health fails to improve or they can go out there make the changes and their health improves.

778334It is all in subconscious mind as what a person may believe as to what results that person gets from their business; their health and lifestyle change, changing their diet. The diabetics above both did the same, one choose to believe they can make the health change. The other choose unconsciously to believe they were unable to.

do a little more each day than you think you can copyLike everyone else we are able to program what we unconsciously believe and that will give us our results. It can take a while to even believe we are able to achieve those results or to be ready to say we believe we can do what we are working towards. That may be that black diamond level, that home of our, our favourite car, having our own kids, being a wonderful husband and father. When we unconsciously believe that we are able to do what we have set out to do, we can move mountains.

I am able to be that stay at home father of our kids, we are going to have twin daughters and will be having those twins this year.
I am going to be at diamond this year.
I am able to raise the kids whist making an income from home.
I am a wonderful father and husband.
I am healthy sexy skinny, tightened toned and firm, helping families to live better lives through education and team work.
I am a black diamond within my company.

Funny-You-Can-Do-It-Meme-7There are so many more unconscious beliefs that I am able to say, right now that is enough. Margi Starr has told us she’s a diamond and believes she is going to be and will achieve her goal. Margi unconsciously believes she will achieve her goal and will keep on going until.

Thank You to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your amazing ongoing love, caring and support, your continued guidance and encouragement. It has been a blessing that was seeking when first came to mentoring for free.

Your friend for life, we love and appreciate you,
big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia


We love and appreciate you,
Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny

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