Who are you constantly listening to?

thV8SJ2EEQWho are you constantly listening to? Our mastermind group happens to be those who we listen to on any subject, is the person someone who has achieved that goal that you are looking to achieve. When wanting Network Marketing advice on building a business do you turn to the friend who has been working with the same company for years, who is struggling to keep ahead and is constantly draining You. They are out there talking about someone from work, even their own family in front of You, are they knocking what You are doing when You are out there saying your Self Talk.

rainbowThey may turn up saying you are posting too much, stop doing this owing to this. The question we must ask ourselves is are they saying it for their own reasons that they have and agenda and we may be able to fix their problem or is it more that the person is just wanting to complain and drain you of your energy. That was how grew up listening to those who really had no experience doing what was looking to achieve. They drained of own energy and were unable to see what was doing and what was in front of them. You would hear their belief system being spoken constantly. It is time to listen more to those who believe in what I am able to achieve as a person, listening to those who support those goals and dreams as well. Those who turn around saying it’s a big project or is going to cost a lot its own choice to do this project and I am choosing to do the project. Also saying to those who are attempting to steal own power I am going to do this and you can watch it happen.

Do You listen to those who are there bashing what You are doing or what to do?HIDDEN_264_4722_FOTO_Redes_Sociales No You listen to those who support Your goals and dreams, it may be the main supporter who is Your wife or a friend who is standing there saying You can do this. They are their through thick and thin, taking You to appointments and being willing to attend those appointments with You. They are their when you are needing rehab for an operation; they are their taking care of you when you are needing the help. Linda supports Michael in whatever they do. They are the ones who truly support You in Your own goals and dreams and the ones to listen to.

quotes-inspirational-motivational-quotes-self-improvement-success-faith-belief-courage-quotes-hard-work-happiness-joy-faith-courage-belief-my-perfect-line-13The main supporter which have worked out has been own wife Jenny who has been there saying You can do that. Yes that is ok, it’s a journey finding those who truly do believed in that goal and dream. For many years I was letting the non believers steal my own power and my own dreams. With many goals and dreams I would listen to those who really were unable to see what saw or even realize what saw. For many years it quietened own self and listened to those naysayers and their destructive opinions as they saw someone who was going for a goal and were unhappy with their own life so they knocked that goal, they expressed some form of fear and bang the goal or dream went back into the dream pool for a little more growing or was given up on.

1798692_856987434345661_4707733409339672507_nIt is time to stop letting those naysayers take that Power, to believe in own goals and dreams enough that keep on going even when do meet anyone who is knocking what I am doing. Discussing the ideas with those who support the goal or dream. Building that relationship with the person and being able to say look this is a project I am working on and I would love your thoughts on that. There are those within own life and our lives who are happy to hear about and help with those projects they are the friends that You want to give Your power to and want to listen to. Rather than listening to those who really are bashing that project or idea you may have.

Those who truly fail to believe in what You are discussing with them are the ones who will get back to You about the project saying yes or let’sthYPGWCV4H look at this. Yes in our minds we may have an idea of what we want to achieve as a goal or dream. There may be those who say that it is too big a project or are unable to see through Your own eyes. It just means that person may be the wrong type of person for that project You are working on. Those who have to be convinced regularly are the ones who are the wrong fit.

Thank you to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for your ongoing love, encouragement and support. Being there supporting all of us to achieve our own goals and dreams, thank you so much.

Wishing you all a wonderful day,
Your friend and mentor,
We love and appreciate You,
Big hugs,

Ben Drake
West Ryde NSW Australia



We love and appreciate you,
Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny

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