Fear and its control within our lives

Feel the FearOver many years fear has had a huge impact on my own life, it’s been in control for too long now and it’s time to say goodbye to those ghosts of fear that have stopped from being that Ben which realize was the guy who was inside yet was unaware of that being the true self until had done a bit of personal development.

anxiety6For years fears of being beaten up again has kept myself from building those friendships that are needing and its impacted own life, that have truly wanted those friends yet it scares me having those friends abuse that friendship again. There has been a pattern throughout my own life that was completely unaware of until today.
That pattern has been giving others permission to belittle me as a person. Whist being completely unaware of what was happening it has been able to impact own life and stop myself from feeling that I am able to be who I was always wanting to be. That father, husband, son who is able to spend time with his family.

Feel the FearIt is time to say goodbye to that life, to walk away from those who feel that they have to pull me down to their level and make me feel small and go cower in a corner. I am aware that it has to be stopped in order to become a stronger leader and to help families to live better lives. The only way to achieve this goal is to walk away from those areas which keep on pulling me down as a person. It is time to face these fears, a ghost which has stuck around for a while now. The ghost which sends me cowering owing to starting to feel small and insignificant again.

Positive_Self_Talk_StickiesIt is time to walk away from those who are letting fear run their lives and go out there sharing what have the ebook success in 10 steps, along with the vanity products that know are able to impact so many lives. It means leaving those who turn around saying “I am scared if you do this, then this will happen” alone.

self-talk2Over the years there have been many times when we could of easily been scared about many areas, from getting back behind the wheel again after a major accident. It’s just getting out there and doing what needs to be done, even riding a motor bike for the first time which can lead to a choice fence post or barbwire fence and some pretty gnarly scars which will remain for life a reminder. We conquer our fears when we go on amusement park rides and go out there having fun just jumping right in.

self-talkWe conquer fear daily when we go out there sharing our product that we have, sharing the ebook success in 10 steps, promoting online events, even when we say hello to someone, there will be those who will say you’ve already done that or attempt to belittle you. It’s time to stand strong and stop having anything to do with those people. Remembering the last words passed onto me via phone from my mother of my Australian grandfather whist I was in China as a English as a 2nd language teacher were that he was proud of me.

when-they-stop-talking-to-you-they-start-talking-about-youOver the years there have been many dreams of being so much more, its taken a while to be able to realize that the guy who wanted as own father was myself even as own mentor. Both of these taught invaluable lessons, it is time to go out there and live a healthy life that can, driving a blue 4wd Hilux ute which can tow the club trailer or a horse trailer. Yet to also be a stay at home father who is involved within the kids lives, traveling the world.

thWDY6B3NIThe father who reads bedtime stories to the kids, who plays with the kids and gives them hugs and appreciates them for who they are. Attending the social family functions with own kids and families. It is time to build that image more stronger, being that passenger service attendant, being boat crew who is out there saving lives of those on the water.

thNWSAMJ84The naysayers have had their say for long enough, they have said you can only do this. Yet its time to change that.

Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your ongoing love and guidance, for the wonderful mental cleanse and mentoring for free that has helped to own my own life.

Have an amazing day,
We love and appreciate you all,
Your friend and mentor,
Big hugs,
Ben Drake
West Ryde NSW Australia


We love and appreciate you,
Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny

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