our brains and messages from the infinite intelligence

brain-powerWe can receive messages from the infinite intelligence when our brains are attuned and in a positive state of mind and we have quietened our mind. Yet when we are slow to write them down they can be gone within seconds. Many times has a thought come to mind and have gone to write the thought down or take note and its gone, even with paper and pen right there.

We go to write the thought down yet ops its lost as we had another thoughtcan that came into our minds or forget what we were talking about. We can also be guided by our brains as Michael suggested on this weeks leadership call, that we can use it as a guide when we are seeking to achieve a goal. It may be like Michael wanting to find a deceased relative in a cemetery where had never been too or another area of our lives. Yet when our mind is quite we will see the path we have to walk.

postive thinkingThank you for all the wonderful love, support and time you give to this group Linda and Michael Dlouhy for being willing to help network marketers to become a success in the industry.
Your friends,
We love and appreciate you so much,
Big hugs,

Ben and Jenny
West Ryde NSW Australia


Most people are wanting to create a income form home also and be a stay at home parent, yet they are unsure how too and are struggling to create an income from home so they can raise their family, a 38 year young house husband is helping network marketers to learn the skills needed to be successful in the network marketing industry. So that You are able to spend that time with Your family as You want to.
Our team is able to teach You those skills to become a success and achieve all the goals and dreams you want from the network marketing industry. You will achieve success when You are coachable. You can learn the skills too with our teams 10 live free trainings weekly which will allow You to become a success in the network marketing industry, Would you like to know more???? please email bend77a@gmail.com for more

“Helping families live better lives”


I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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