Confidence and knocking it out of the park

thThe confidence from our own belief of being able to achieve our goal happens to be what draws us towards that goal and keeps us going. Knowing that we are going to achieve our goal even if the last thing we do, we need to keep our mindset in the positive emotions and that we are going to achieve our goal and starve out the negative emotions using our self talk or autosuggestion as hill calls it within think and grow rich.if-you-have-no-confidence-in-self-you-are-twice-defeated-in-the-race-of-life-quote-1

That confidence must be showing within our own lives when we go for a role and it must keep on showing at all times that we are capable of doing that task. Even when we start hearing the naysayers coming along and their song, we have to learn to walk away from the rubbish that is thrown at us. Using those positive emotions to achieve our goal and dream. That confidence must be transferred off via the subconscious mind.

th (1)When we say that we are capable of doing what we set out to do and go out there and do what we set out to do it shows our individual confidence and belief within ourselves. Recently after doing an orientation for a volunteer role and turning up in casual dress to say I am able to do this role and turn up in what was required. It takes confidence to go out there and know you can do what you were wanting to do, yet also say I am able to do this and knock what you were wanting to do out of the park without letting the naysayers get to you.

6571060-young-man-kissing-his-wife-sitting-on-bed-at-homeIt is that confidence knowing that we can do that role that has to be projected, it has to go out there and say I am going to achieve this and its what will happen. That energy is the positive energy we need to use to transfer on to the subconscious mind, that confidence in our goal and our desire to achieve that goal which you were seeking.

eftThank you to my amazing friend and mentor Linda and Michaelย Dlouhy, who has shown so much love and kindness and willing to help guide on the journey to be a success. I love and appreciate you guys so much for that.

Your friend and mentor,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia



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I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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