Persistence and keeping on going

perseverance (1)Persistence is when you keep on going despite all those obstacles and challenges sitting infront of you between yourself and achieving your goal. In life we are unable to achieve any success without persistence of any form, without persistence and keeping on going I wouldn’t have the experience now at improving my own health and becoming healthier every day allowing myself to become that better father and husband that want to be.

enhanced-buzz-wide-9775-1338835295-6That father, husband and son again who is able to participate in life with his family. Also is able to provide for his family. Persistence has meant just keeping on going until achieved that goal and keeping on going despite many knock backs, despite those who may be traveling another road to what I am as a person. Even when you have family sitting infront of You who may keep on buying you a soft drink you like even when they know you are living a healthy life. Its having the guts to keep on going even after being defeated.

thEveryone has their own journey. It may mean hearing many no’s until you hear those yes’es coming through, yet as Michael has said for every 100 people there is normally 10 who will say yes to being a customer and 1 to being a distributor. There is little way to know if they going to come right up or later on. Yet we all need to persist with our own businesses and keep on growing and learning to become that person we were intended to be. It can mean just keeping on going and asking and saying this is what I have until bang it all starts falling into place.

persistenceOne time it may all work for a while then stop, then it picks up again. It’s just keeping on going until its constant and you achieve you goal. That is persistence on its own. It means as Tulla has said may times just being in action and keeping on doing what works.

Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for your wonderful guidance, love and support over the years.

All my love, a big hug,

Ben Drake,

West Ryde NSW Australia


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I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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