Decision and our choices

il_fullxfull_163573737We are faced with decisions daily. Are we going to eat healthy today is a big decision we are faced with regularly along with who to listen to and who to stop listening to. Just like we make the choice daily to work out business and promote ebook success in 10 steps or not.

th (1)Over the last number of years I have been working on creating an income from home. With the goal of being able to provide for my own family; this goal has been a work in progress. It wasn’t until made the decision on how to connect with others that helped recently to start building those friendships that was wanting however was unable to locate as was missing the piece of having to extend the hand of own friendship to others rather than having them coming to me.

eftThroughout our own network marketing careers we are going to have the following around us regularly

1) The supporters – mentoring for free.

2) Those who don’t support us at all or those who fail to see what we see.

decision-makingThey could be someone who stands there saying go Ben go. Someone who say’s I am happy for you to work from home. Someone who will take you to a meeting. It’s the same with all areas of our lives. Those people made their decision and choice to go along with our decision

nyc streetstyle fashion by he two girls in gym clothes tight pants guys checking them outThose who fail support what we are doing or fail to see what we are doing have already made their decision that what we are doing isn’t part of their world. As Ken and Steve have often said we are paid to get a decision, weather its getting someone to say yes to marrying you. Yes to buying Your products and services and being willing to change their life, yes to being open to Your business opportunity. Yes to taking the help You are offered even.

There will be those who fail to understand what you are doing and MyBestFriendsWife2001DVDRipGoGo_-1that happens to be their own choice and decision. We have to be comfortable with our own decisions, letting those who really aren’t happy with our decision go. They made their own decision to be annoyed with our choice, its their issue.

Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for this amazing group and wonderful guidance you give along with your continued love.

Your friend for life,
Ben Drake
West Ryde NSW Australia

P.S. We must make that choice daily with our business and our relationships to be in with them or we will lose that person.


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I am just curious What are your thoughts on the topic????

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