Sharrie Rohwer

Sharrie Rohwer Clifton, Wi.

Chapter 1-Thoughts Are Things
Thoughts are negative or positive. The negative thoughts you have are the ones that drag you down the hole because you believe it. The positive thoughts lifts you up. Because you be leave it. What you think is what you get. That’s why Self talk is so important to say hundreds of time a day to stay positive. And believe it. Be Determend to say your Self talk hundreds of times a day. Talk to God or what ever you believe in to help you. Ask and you receive. I’m still in work in progress in gettin over 50 times a day building on 100 times a day , 200, 300., 400, till I get there I will never quite. I will get there! I believe in my self. Determination.
I asked God in my self talk now to help me to treat others the way I want to be treated.I do lots of little self talks now. I find time every minute of the day now to say them. I’m not making excuses now not to do the self talks .And being around positive people I’m Positive too.
Thank you all for the suppert
Sharrie & Dale Rohwer

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