Samuel Stokes

Samuel Stokes Russellville, Alabama

Chapter 1
Thoughts Are Things
This Chapter is truly revealing to me the second time around. Thoughts mixed with a belief of them becoming real, pursuing them with: a definite plan with persistence, a burning desire, and taking action every day; will cause the thought to become real.
Thoughts can either feed our desires to achieve a set goal or rob us as excuses, as negative thoughts that keep us in the same or even a worse state of mind.
After the chapter on the 6 ghosts of fear I realized that to overcome all the ghosts, I must take full control of my state of mind, my self-talk, and to stretch out of my comfort zone of my present mindset.
I am fueling this by:
Belief in Riches (spiritual, financial, personal growth)
Belief in Action (knowing by taking action things will happen in my favor)
Belief in Good Health ( since 1988 – present day I have allowed my mindset to be one of allowing others thoughts and negative influence to determine my health. That stops august 24, 2012. Details forthcoming.)
Belief in Teamwork ( I’ve always been a fixer till I let others tell me I could not, that was before Mentoring For Free and the 30 Day Mental Cleanse program. This new team believed in me until I could return to believing in myself.)
These beliefs helped me to counter both my age barrier and disability barrier. Also it helped me to go from thinking that all I could do is exist, not really live life as I am now. It is a nice change to live life to the fullest and to no longer allow the thought of death to slow me down any longer.
OK Friday has come, today starts my new life. I’ve decided to help others to overcome obstacles – I must overcome mine.
Time for my thoughts to declare to my mind we are accomplishing this task no matter how many rest breaks it takes.
Long story made short, since my 6 months long illness from 10-2010 thru 4-2011 I had to choose to come back from a level 2 quality of life with a level 8 pain several hours a day. It took until 12-2011 to get my recovery energy back. I have been doing short trips to stores then having to sit down and rest up to this point.
Today I decided no matter how many rest stops, I was walking a mile before I was finished. It was a little uphill and then the ground became level. I DID IT! My belief level increased. Then the next day, it was time for some more stretching. I thought that it was a mile just very different terrain of hills and valleys. I told Janet I was doing it no matter how long it took and how many rest breaks we needed. We did it together both times, it was a struggle with a heart racing and my mind telling me no way you can’t do this! It took a while but we did it! We went back and measured it and it was 1 ½ miles. WOW!
Now I will cut back to a shorter range and build up. But now I know I can do it. That means everything.
Thank you MFF team, its though all your help and your stories that we’ve been able to turn our negative to positive.
Samuel Stokes

Lesson plan from Samuel stokes on chapter 1 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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