Ernest Tucker Rodgersville

Ernest Tucker Rodgersville

Chapter 1
Thoughts are Things
Sitting here by the river drinking a cup of coffee I was bringing to my mind the many thoughts, dreams and desires I have seen, tried or accomplished. I guess I have had many, some I am proud of and some I haven’t been so proud.
Growing up listening to older people talk about their life their dreams and their accomplishments. Going to movies where the hero always wins. Playing cops and robbers where the cops always wins. Our minds are always focused that we can never loose, we always end up winners and end up happy.
That was dreamland and when I grew up and faced the real world I was always faced with failure after failure. I was always the bad guy. Why? Listening to older people, going to movies, playing cops and robbers, the end was always happiness never about what really happened in the end or what you really had to do.
You dream of going to war fighting for your freedom you know like in the movies you win and come home a hero. Boy was I shocked the things I had to do see and watch. The times I piqued my guts out the times I cried myself to sleep the times I wanted to say “the end” and just go home a hero. Then I learned I had to grow up be hard shelled my thoughts turned into a hero fighting for happiness and love. When I thought it was over I would take another step forward I couldn’t give up. I took my knock downs learned to crawl and pick myself up. I learned to wipe my tears away and keep on fighting and wipe the smile off my face. I would win I would never quit or give up.
After I came home all the thoughts about the good guy always wining and riding off happy and a winner was just a dream. I found out I worked hard when I tried to accomplish my dreams and goals and I was always short of my goals and I would quit. I never reached the top I was always a little short of reaching my goal. I still was not going to give up. I have now learned some of the greatest failed and failed but reached their goal after 10, 20 or 30m years. I know now failure is just a stopping point to regain my breath and correct the failure and move forward I’ve only been trying for 7 years so I guess I am doing pretty good with all my MFF team and mentors picking me up and shoving me forward. I’ll never give up and I am sure I will hit a few more stumbling blocks and my MFF team and Shelly and Michael and Lindy will pick me up and push me forward.
Wow what a wonderful life I am having and wonderful and beautiful friends I have in MFF. Thanks guys I’m not finished yet
I have just started.
Love success and happiness to all
Ernest Tucker

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