Dale Rohwer

Dale Rohwer

Chapter 1,
“Truly, ‘thoughts are things,’ and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence,
and a burning desire for their translation into riches, or other material objects.” Mr. Hill
I would like to share my recent story of; “Thoughts Are Things,” and powerful things at that.
It all started August 1, 2012, my MLM company merged with another company, we was very excited about this. The
problem was, we had little to no money to invest in some new products that is our new company’s biggest attraction
to getting people interested in. We wanted to try the new products before promoting them. So after trying this awesome
product, our desire(white hot desire) became so strong with definiteness of purpose that we decided to go to a bank
to borrow some money to purchase product with. We have been saying our self-talks, saying our intentions of desire
morning and night, but this month with much more enthusiasm and emotions. As usual, life will get in your way sometimes
to keep you from doing what you know you should have done sooner. On Friday morning, our plan was to go to the bank in
the afternoon. We got “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael ready, “Think and Grow Rich” by Mr. Hill, new company sales
brochures, and the magic scales, and other important papers ready for my presentation to the banker. I also shared with him,
that Michael, the author of “STS” is my personal mentor/coach and that I am in contact with him and othe mentors weekly,
that we have training calls 5 days a week, and Wednesday’s we study “TGR”.
When I arrived at the bank, the loan officer was busy so I waited my turn. I was not nervous, I had a calm and quiet feeling.
As I was driving to the bank, I was saying ALL of my self-talks, and praying to God for his help and thanking him for ALL
he has given us. My wife was at home doing the same as I was. You see, in our hearts, we believed that we would get this
loan before it really happened. And YES, we did get the loan. The loan officer, said “Normally I would not do this type of a loan,
but you have shared and showed me that you know all about the product and you have the support of people who have already
done what you want to do. So how can I not give you a loan. All I can see is that you can be successful with all of this.”
When we was all done with the paper work and stuff, he said, “Now, I want you to keep me informed on how your business is
doing. I do not see how you can be anything other than a success.” As I walked out of the bank, so very proud to be a part of
“The Mentoring For Free” program for helping me to change my life and now to help other people change their life and to be
successful in their lives.
On Saturday morning, I was meeting with people to discuss their kitchen remodel job, and it is a disastrous job that was done
the last time by someone else. Again on the way there I was saying my self-talks like I usually do when I am driving about. This
morning I felt like a very big weight was lifted off my shoulders. When we got done discussing the job, the lady asked me how our
mutual friend was doing. I replied the she was doing good and that we had had business party and shared what the product had
done for us. She asked some other questions and I answered them and also shared that our cost to join next month will be double
what it is this month and that if she joined this month that she would be eligible for a special bonus that she would have to
accomplish in 4 monthes. Her response did take me by surprise, “No problem, I don’t think it will take me that long, I am a high
achiever, we have a large family that needs the help from your product.” She then asked who would be my sponsor and I quickly
responded that our mutual friend would be her sponsor as I am helping her build her business.
A friend and I drove to a “Flea Market” to see if we could find a previous contact but he was not there. We did meet other people
and have some interest in our products and come to a party this week.
“I AM prosperous.”
“I AM healthy.”
“I AM strong.”
“I AM confident.”
“I AM grateful.”
“I AM enthusiastic.”
“I AM happy.”
“I AM excited.”
“I AM a great leader.”
“I AM a great business builder.”
“I AM having fun building; the largest, the most profitable, the highest retention, the fastest growing organization ever built in the history
of network marketing, easily and consistantly with; education, leadership and teamwork.”
As my loan officer said, “I can only see success with all the support that we have with the MFF system and our new company.”
Thank you Michael and Linda for all you have done and are continuing to do and to all the other mentors here.
Dale & Sharrie Rohwer
Camp Douglas, WI.

Lesson plan from Dale Rohwer on chapter 1 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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