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The Sixth Sense will never function while these three negatives, or any of
them remain in your mind. The members of this unholy trio are closely
related; where one is found, the other two are close at hand.

In Sunday School the discussion at some point always goes back to the fact Christians  will always face trials and tribulations.  Life it is stated brings about bumpy roads even for the Christians.  During many of hard times I know people who consider themselves to be Christian often question why things happen to them.  Even the strongest among us questions why bad things occur.  It takes a real understanding of the Bible to realize that no one including Christians is immune to a cycle of life’s ups and downs.  The key to coping to the misfortunes I have found is how one reacts to the situations.

Embedded in each trial and tribulation in life are indecision, doubt and fear.  These emotions come upon us when we are faced with situations that become unbearable for us to handle.  As we think about the situations that cause stress in our lives one of these emotions is at the end of the road waiting for us sometimes all three are there. As a result anxiety exists because many of us don’t know how to fight these negatives.  Well, I will tell you how I do it and that is through Faith, that’s right in my book Faith trumps Indecision, Doubt and fear.  Praying without Faith yields no returns, putting physical action plans into effect without Faith leads to an inadequate and ineffectiveness end also repetitive self-talk is just talk without Faith.

Indecision, Doubt and Fear many times make create a swamp in our minds where about the positive thoughts have a very difficult time getting through.  But if you have Faith from the onset you know that when you drudge you way to the other side of these tumultuous times in your life, things will be a whole lot better.  In short I have learned that adverse situations will continue to occur in my life and my success will depend on how I handle these situations.  I can let them fester into a forest fire or I can cloaked them with Faith before they get started and caused the flames to become nothing more than smoke.

Thanks Linda, Michael and Jennifer for showing me the way.


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