Frank Sarge LooSer

Frank (Sarge) LooSer, Tennessee

I understand I am where I am today because of the decisions I have made in the past and I will be where I will be tomorrow because of the decisions I make today, having said that, poverty is not one of my primary fears. Although I suppose it could happen it’s not something I fear will happen.
Criticism is another fear that is not high up on my list of fears to worry about because I could care less what others think about how I run my life. As long as what I am doing is moral legal and ethical and I don’t care if they print it on the front page of the daily newspaper, I avoid the fear of criticism. That does not necessarily mean people will not criticize me, it just means their criticism has no effect on my life.
As I get older Ill health is a concern but I don’t call it a fear because I focus on taking care of my health rather than sitting around worrying about it. Worry is nothing other than praying for something you do not want to happen in your life.
Sadly enough since reading this chapter last I have experienced two unexpected deaths of beloved family members. When they passed it left an empty place in my heart. It makes you think who is next when you start to see older family members passing away. Is this a fear or just a natural process the mind goes through when faced with circumstances of this nature? I think it’s probably a natural process we as human beaning’s experience which is sprinkled with connotations of fear. We just have to be aware of this and focus our attention elsewhere.
Wow getting older is an interesting process, and one nobody can escape. We all get older. I think this is a biggest fear in the minds of many people, if it were not the health, fitness and beauty industry would not be the multibillion dollar industry it is today with everybody looking for their fountain of youth. I have to admit I would buy one if there were such a thing.
The last of the six ghost of fear is Death. I have always said that I am not afraid of death it’s the dying that scares me. The suffering and pain that some people go through before death is something that I will always strive to avoid. Fortunately none of us know when or how we will go so why worry about it?
When we conquer these six fears we will have eliminated the resistance in our roller coaster ride to success. Always remember that which we dwell on is that which we are drawing near. Regardless of how these ghost of fear appear to you, do not allow yourself to concentrate or entertain their ideations in your mind. Spin them into prosperous thoughts and move on.

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