Aaron Bradley, Nevada

Aaron Bradley, Nevada

Think and grow Rich
Ch 15 how To Outwit The Sixth Ghost of Fear
I’m running to a cliff, I’ve been on a long road and it has a gap in it. Should I do my best and jump?, maybe stop?, maybe jump in the gap?
I’m choosing to do my best and jump, now I’m in the air and everything turn dark, do I wonder what’s under me? or do I fly?
I choose to spread my wings and fly, as I do a bright light shine into my face.
I close my eyes and keep flying, I’m flying so fast it feel like a roller coaster drop.
Suddenly it become easier to fly, and the light dim, as I open my eyes I see the ocean, I hear birds chirping, and the smell of fresh fruit.
When I look to see where I’m at I see the most gorgeous eyes, and feel a sense of peace.
A tear fall from my eyes, and I’m thankful.
WE made it, WE made it.
On this road I have learned so much, and sometimes… A lot of times things didn’t go the way I want it to (Temporary defeat hill talks about) When this came along I knew I had to grow.
I want to have fun, meet a lot of people and travel the world enjoying life, and the day I wake up and see the woman I one day want to marry, and some day have my children, I know I will cry that day. It may not happen now, but I pray one day it will, until then, everything I have learned being here with Mentoring For Free, doing the 30 day cleanse, and the places I went in my mind, and the desires of my heart feel real and it has/will help carry me through. So until that day come I will keep going to the destination where dreams meet reality.
I haven’t yet mastered faith, so I will never quit.
With much Love, Appreciation, and Gratitude.
Love Always
Aaron Bradley

Lesson plan from Arron Bradley on chapter 15 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

You can participate in the 30 day mental cleanse at http://www.30daycleanse.com

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