Willena Flewelling – Alberta Canada

Willena Flewelling – Alberta Canada

Chapter 14: Sixth Sense
Have you ever been faced with a difficult and emotional situation, and you
think you know what your sixth sense is telling you, but you aren’t sure? If
you’re like me, you can often tell in retrospect what you should have done…
but at the time you weren’t sure, and you made what turned out to be the
wrong choice.
It’s easy, after an opportunity has passed you by, to say, “I should have
made that phone call when I thought of it last week!” Or to kick yourself for
not taking advantage of a vehicle sale sooner, when you finally get there,
only to discover the car of your choice is sold out.
When you are new to the idea of the sixth sense, you may find yourself
bombarded with feelings, urgings and flashes of inspiration. How do you sort
through them and know what is truly your sixth sense, and what is merely
the result of worry or fear?
As a friend recently reminded me, “God never shouts.” The sixth sense is
that “still, small voice”… the quiet “knowing” deep in your heart that doesn’t
go away until you do something about it. It’s the voice that tells you to turn
right instead of continuing on your usual way… or the check in your spirit
that warns you against a certain decision. It is not the voice of panic or worry
that hounds you with “what if’s” or haunts you with a sense of doom or
As with so many of life’s gifts, our sixth sense can be used for good or bad.
Don’t try too hard to find it… just find that quiet place often, and let it make
itself known to you.
Willena Flewelling
Alberta Canada

Lesson plan from Willena Flewelling on chapter 14 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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