Uwe Wagner – Oldenburg, Germany

Uwe Wagner – Oldenburg, Germany

The 6th sense
Oh, I am not alone with having some premonitions from time to time? That’s good.
So far I already had thought something is wrong with me.
But when Hill says this phenomenon – he’s calling it the 6th sense – will be understood when we are beyond the age of forty, I had some doubt.
Because I have the impression I lost it for a good while during my thirties. When I was at school I often had those moments when knowing very well it would be me who is picked next by the teacher or when something was not okay.
Today there is always my conscious mind on guard and stepping in, telling me that this is nonsense and just another ghost of fear. In the aftermath I quite often find out I should have listened to my inner voice and then I swore to do it the next time.
For instance I knew in a flash that I should withdraw my application for the new job when entering my car on the parking lot, looking towards the factory building that appeared to be quite hostile, even threatening in the dark. But my mind had plenty of good arguments why it would be a good move to take the job.
Of course it wasn’t that at all and after one year I pulled out of it. Then those moments of warning came back to my mind again like the situation on the parking lot or later that strange, strong, and very certain feeling of NOT to take it, to better cancel the new contract signed and sent the day before.
Hey, my ego wanted all that what came along with that job! All those trappings flattered my ego like a shiny company car or the big office. Yes, yes, yes. – But it was wrong. – I was wrong!
Listen to your heart!
Why can’t I do it?
Why don’t I have the courage to do so?
As a green it was a giant step to talk about this with my wife who is more obedient to her feelings. And – how to say – whenever I followed her advice since – of course based on feelings alone – it turned out to have been the right move and I had known it by myself too.
There is hope, because I have spotted the problem and I am not longer ignoring it.
But it’s still a long way to go.
In hope of your good company all the way ahead.

Lesson plan from Uwe on chapter 14 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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