Terrific Tonya Heathco – Burns TN

Terrific Tonya Heathco – Burns TN

Chapter 14 – The Sixth Sense:
The sixth sense works for our good even before we recognize the voice of the sixth sense. Some call it inspiration,inner voice, Gods voice,Infinite Wisdom,etc. My granddaughter calls the sixth sense an Angels Whisper. I’ve read much on this subject, but no amount of reading compares with the actual experience.
My experience is the sixth sense is powerful in all areas of my life. I am learning to listen to this Infinite Knowledge in order to walk a more positive and productive life for myself and grow National Seizure Disorders Foundation into the largest most people friendly seizure disorders foundation on the planet.
Through the years I have learned developing the skills to utilize the sixth sense
requires patience with oneself, mindful listening, faith, and action. As with any
positive habit,one must also be dedicated to practicing utilization of the sixth sense daily until the habit is formed and one is able to automatically know the voice of the sixth sense.
Once I determined the voice of the sixth sense, have I listened every time to the direction of the sixth sense? No. There have been many times I allowed ego to stand in the way of better judgement and I’ve always reaped poor results because I chose to refrain from listening to the sixth sense. When this happens, I quickly learn this life lesson, forgive myself, and reconnect with the sixth sense with determination to listen mindfully next time.
I am now able, during times of positive strength,to hear the sixth sense and take the action required to follow instructions given me by the sixth sense. I have noticed during times of negativity the voice remains quiet, or probably is just drowned out by the chatter. It is during times like these that I know to
go to my mentors and to this valuable mastermind in order to reinforce my positive self talk and help myself to a level of positive strength in order to continue listening to the sixth sense and progress with positive energy in my life journey.
Thank you everyone for your part in helping me and others here to build our awareness of the sixth sense and our positive energy so we can step out into our worlds and make each day better than the last. ‘

Lesson plan from Tonya Heathco on chapter 14 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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