Mike and Jan Salerno – Centennial, CO

Mike and Jan Salerno – Centennial, CO

“Some people when they get the tiniest amount of freedom fall off the wagon and stop doing everything they were taught to do. Why does this happen? Simply because they are now in an environment where they find themselves with no structure-no one telling them what to do.” – Jeff Olson “The Slight Edge”
Ouch! This hit me like a 2 by 4 right between the eyes. This explains why I struggle with plugging in, staying close to the fire, or as stated in Olson’s book-showing up.
Look at the name of this chapter, “The Door to the Temple of Wisdom.” All I have to do is open the door and walk through it. However, in my corporate career I was programmed to show up, do the work somebody told me to do, and then get a paycheck. That went on for 25 years. Now in 11 years retirement, I still get a paycheck, but no one is telling me what to do. I just realized that I am not lazy. What I lack is structure; a system, a method to accomplish tasks, tools to help me, and the faith/belief that I deserve to succeed.
So where do I get a system, a method to accomplish tasks, tools to help me, and the faith/belief that I deserve to succeed?
By showing up with some consistency. This is a full-time effort. I don’t mean that 24 hours a day you are working your business. At least have it rolling around in your head all day long, and that is where AUTO SUGGESTION comes in. It is funny how this concept on how to change your thinking keeps showing up in each chapter of this book.
I met Michael, Linda, and Ken Klemm earlier this year, and I gotta tell ya, they are “MLM Geeks.” We went out for dinner and all they talked about was MLM this and MLM that. I tried to break it up by telling one of my favorite jokes about 3 dogs at a veterinarian’s office. We all laughed, so I thought that maybe some more jokes or a new topic of discussion would come up, and then it was back to MLM this and MLM that. Talk about focus!
If you can’t show up to the live calls, listen to the recordings afterwards. Read good books. Since we all can’t meet every day to share ideas and brainstorm, then, use the method that Hill teaches. That is, conjure up in your mind a meeting with successful people that you know and start to dialogue around the subject of MLM this and MLM that. If this is constantly in your mind, then the Sixth Sense will kick in and start sending you what you need.
I have seen first hand what being an “MLM Geek” can do for a person/persons who believed they could create the life style everyone on the planet dreams about during my visit to Florida.
So, it is time for me to open up the door to wisdom and pass through it. I want to be an MLM Geek!
Thanks to all for showing me the way.
Mike and Jan – Team Soulmates

Lesson plan from Mike and Jan Salerno on chapter 14 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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