Mervyn Drury Canberra ACT Australia

Mervyn Drury Canberra ACT Australia

The Thirteenth Step toward Riches
Hill states that he does not believe in Miracles, yet he clearly believes in the Sixth Sense and clearly used it in his work to produce ‘Think and Grow Rich’. The Sixth Sense is the connection between man’s finite mind and infinite intelligence, it is situated within the subconscious mind and also acts as the receiving set for communications from the Ether, i.e. ‘hunches’ or ‘inspirations.
It is only understood fully once the other twelve principles are clearly understood and applied in their respective places to the whole. The Sixth Sense is therefore the Apex of the whole Philosophy. The understanding of the Sixth Sense is brought about by meditation and use. It is a mixture of mental and spiritual stimulation.
Hill states that the following:
‘Through the aid of the sixth sense, you will be warned of impending dangers in time to avoid them, and notified of opportunities in time to embrace them.
There comes to your aid, and to do your bidding, with the development of the sixth sense, a “guardian angel” who will open to you at all times the door to the Temple of Wisdom’.
Full acceptance of this statement will only come with the application of the other twelve principles.
I have experienced both the warning of impending danger and also the notification of opportunities when considering job changes. The solution of difficult problems has also been aided by the Sixth Sense in providing ideas and hunches.
I am interested in studying further Hill’s application of his nightly meeting of his ‘councilors’ in order to change and enhance his overall character. He obviously benefited greatly from this counseling and the psychology associated with it. Could this have been a Master Mind Group?
Hill suggests, that to fully understand the Sixth Sense the Chapter should be returned to at regular intervals and reread. I have found understanding this chapter easier during this study than on previous occasions.
Mervyn Drury
Canberra, ACT, Australia

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