Melvyn Williams

Melvyn Williams, New Haven, CT USA

Chapter 13 The Sixth Sense
Of all of the chapter’s, this is the most intriguing. In order to accomplish this, yes you must master the other 12 principles. Simply put, I believe the acquired knowledge of the Sixth Sense is application. When you come into the knowledge of Infinte Intelligence (through the application of the 12 principles), the acknowledgement of the Sixth Sense as a Noun becomes more realistic.
Wisdom is simply Knowledge correctly APPLIED. We, have the ability to re-mold our “Core” Character Traits. Those are the very fiber of our Personality. That takes the 12 principles, faith, determination, persistence, definite of purpose, habitual changes just to name a few of them. However, as we tinker with this recipe for Change, which APPLIES the 12 principles, the habitual process itself invites Infinite Intelligence…and something (Noun) else comes along also.
I believe we all have contact with The Sixth Sense because we are “Spiritual” Beings, we BELIEVE in something “intangible”. The person attempting to lose weight has to apply the 12 principles to accomplish this goal consciously or subconsciously. The person studying to become a Doctor, has to apply the 12 principles, as well as the Carpenter, the Dancer, the Preacher, etc…there are no exceptions for results. The more precise (the focused of) your application of the 12 principles within your goal, the greater ability to be honored with “It’s” presence in some form. The reason I believe this to be true is because one must Believe and have faith in their results, the two major ingredients of the 12 principles as well as reaching Infinite Intelligence and The Sixth Sense.
One time a real estate project was about to make a wrong turn. I needed to reach the seller asap and they lived about 12 hours away. Their home and cell phone were disconnected and we needed signatures to finalize the project that day. I sat in my car and began to have a conversation with God (FAITH) and told Him that “my project” was no longer in my hands and I was “now” turning the project over to Him because I desperately need His assistance). Within ½ hour the seller called me “out of the blue”. This would be “Intangible” results.
The Book and Video “The Secret” is based on Faith; “putting it out there” in the universe and believing “Something” will send it to you. Now just what is that “Something”? I am not sure. What I am sure of is that “It” is an “intangible”.
Melvyn Williams New Haven, Connecticut USA

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