Brian Redding – Chicago, Illinois

Brian Redding – Chicago, Illinois

Chapter 14
The Thirteenth Step toward Riches
The sixth sense, the thirteenth step towards riches, can only be developed when we have mastered the other twelve steps. It is the apex on how we can control our minds.
They previous chapters showed us how we can develop different positive emotions of our subconscious mind through a master mind group and self-talk or autosuggestion.
Hill takes us a little further in that he describes how our minds can be so developed that we can communicate with Infinite Intelligence.
This is when we can control our imagination and see things by getting hunches or ideas in the form of energy from Universal Power.
Through meditation and self-thought we can develop our sixth sense to the point that it can warn us if we are about to experience danger just like having a “Guardian Angel”.
Hill created an imaginary group of nine men who he really emulated. He loved what each man brought to the table and used all 9 of them to teach himself some of the knowledge that they had acquired.
This imaginary “Mastermind Group” of imaginary men helped Hill develop his imagination or sixth sense as he got many ideas from these men when he would hold nightly council meetings when all 9 men appeared.
He then added more than 50 additional men to this group to help him develop his sixth sense to an even greater level. All 50 of these additional men had traits that he wanted to develop in himself.
Just like this book and our mastermind group has helped all of us to start developing our subconscious mind and as we all know it doesn’t come easy as it requires a lot of work and a lot of exercise of our grey matter, we can also develop our sixth sense and our imaginations.
It will come by creating our own imaginary counsel of men and women who we may look up to, namely, John F. Kennedy, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc… We may have to do some research on each of these men so we can get to know them better so that we would know how they would react if we asked them a certain question.
I am definitely at the point in my Mental Cleanse development to start developing my Sixth sense because even though I have not completely mastered the proceeding 12 steps towards riches (and probably will never fully master and don’t want to because I want to continue on learning).
This will move me into the spiritual which I will have to trust even though I may not have proof of it. I know gravity exists. I know energy exists.
But both cannot be seen by the human eye. I know that an acorn will turn into an oak tree and I know that summer always fallows winter.
I know that I will develop my sixth sense because I am determined, it’s that simple.
Thanks to Michael and Linda for creating the Mentoring for Free system and this thought provoking mastermind team. As we strive for perfection, I am sure that excellence will come our way.
I love you all … Brian in Chicago

Lesson plan from Brian Redding on chapter 14 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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