Willena Flewelling – Alberta Canada

Willena Flewelling – Alberta Canada

Have you ever noticed how much harder a task is when you’re not really trying,
or when you think you can’t do it? And how quickly your energy level can change
when you change your self talk?

One winter, more than 20 years ago, I was exhausted from caring for our older
three children, ages 2, 4 and 6, who had whooping cough. Our newborn was the
only one who hadn’t been immunized. She never got sick. After a week of caring
for the sick ones, I was exhausted. I remember nearly fainting in the kitchen one

“I’m so tired,” I thought. “I feel like I’m coming down with it too.”

On the heels of that thought came another.

“I feel just fine!”

Like an electric shock, I was injected with a shot of energy. I could FEEL myself
stand up straight and strong, as I went to take care of my little ones.

I knew at the time it was a choice. I was a fork in the road. I could have given
in to the exhaustion and the illness, and I’m sure I would have, if I had listened
to the voice that told me how bad I felt. Instead, I listened to the one that told
me I was just fine. I never did get sick, and neither did the baby. A few days
the others were all up and running around, and I was able to get caught up on
my rest.

The brain is a broadcasting and receiving station for thought…..

Through the mental cleanse, I have learned to be careful of the words I speak.
I also know the vital importance of a good, positive self talk. On hot summer
days, our family likes to go swimming in the Pembina River. My favourite form
of exercise is to walk upstream against the current, at chest depth.

But that’s a little tricky this week. We’ve had a lot of heavy rain recently,
causing the river to rise and flow faster than normal. The bottom is unfamiliar,
and with waterlogged branches in unexpected places. Last evening I was feeling
unsure of myself, fearful of what I couldn’t see, and overly cautious in taking
each step forward.

“Why am I so tired?” I thought. “I’ve only gone a short distance.”

And right away, it struck me. I felt that way BECAUSE I was afraid and being
overly cautious. Every step was an effort because I was hanging back. I soon
discovered the river bottom wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined.

Gaining confidence had the same sort of effect on me as the “electric shock”
in my kitchen on that long ago winter night. This time it struck me that feeling
tired wasn’t even something I had actually SAID to myself… it was just a feeling!
A feeling born of fear of the unknown. The moment I realized that, I was able
to finish my river walk with energy and pleasure.      

It’s such a little thing… just change what you’re saying to yourself! A little
thing that will change your life. It’s the only way you will change what you
say out loud, AND what the deepest part of your subconscious is saying to you.

Willena Flewelling
Alberta Canada

Lesson plan from Willena Flewelling on chapter 13 for the 30 day mental cleanse.
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