Melvyn Williams, New Haven, CT USA

Melvyn Williams, New Haven, CT USA

Chapter 13- The Brain

Napoleon Hill discusses that the brain operate similar to radio frequency. The brain has the ability to taps into other “energy waves” or “energy sources” whether positive or negative, depending on your personal charging agent. An opinion is noted here: Our finite knowledge of this energy is only limited to the amount of FAITH we have acknowledging this fact. The Bible tells a story of a blind man asking Jesus for his sight. Jesus, in turn, asked the blind man do you BELIEVE I can do this, who in return replied yes. Jesus then stated, according to your FAITH/BELIEF…you are healed. Have Faith and Believe (confidence)…and you will receive.

I had the most remarkable A-ha moment recently. I was speaking with my daughter about her future and “planning”. She explained to me how hard it was to write a plan. It called for her to sit down and focus on something that was not exciting to her because it took too long and then more importantly her follow up needed sharpening. I immediately heard myself say because your thoughts move so rapidly, in order to accomplish any one of them you need to reduce your thought to writing so that you can create a plan to follow them completely through.  Maybe this is Infinite Intelligence way of making sure we understand what we are asking of It. There are exceptions to the rules; however even those exceptions are eventually forced to write the idea down, simply to keep some order and structure to the activities required. In addition, the simple ability to do this creates a “complete thought pattern” of an idea to reality. I had to stop and listen to the comment myself (self awareness growth) because it was a sub-conscious thought picked up from some positive energy (Thank you ).

We always have had the ability to do this. Again, another mindless activity of the Brain until…we learn to tweak or fine-tune our frequency reception. Here is where the rubber meets the road. This is where your definite of purpose requires YOU to have FAITH and believe in YOUR expected results. This is where your Auto-Suggestion and self awareness kick in to help you with the fine tuning of your DESIRES. Here is where your Core Character Traits (habits, which have been created by repetitive actions) assist you in accelerating your DESIRE into reality with the assistance of “Infinite Intelligence”.

It is important to note here we are products of our created reality. Here is where Emotional Energy Control is essential. We already know, “the Sub-Conscious Mind” impulses actions to our thoughts, which creates brain waves or “energy”. That energy, when acted upon, creates our reality. Therefore our awareness to what we continuously tell ourselves is important. Fine tune your frequency to become clearly a positive receiver (habits). For the record, The Brain is a muscle; it needs exercise also. Your habits are the direct results of the type of exercise you provide your brain.

A colleague told me a story and I will only relay the point. The basis was that we have two kinds of action in our lives. One is our thoughts alone and the other is our thought with emotion. When we operate on our thoughts alone, we leave our results to our own interpretation (logic). He called this “a one way” thought process. There is nothing at all wrong with this, our great education system teaches us this way. Build upon what is already built to improve upon what is already built. He further suggested, when we apply emotions to our thought, we invite our heart to participate, which adds to the equation a whole new dimension. Quietly speaking, it requires us to have Faith and Belief in our emotions. That is the very ingredient required to reach your Sub-Consciousness and Infinite Intelligence). And we all know the end results here. Fine tuning our brain frequency is mandatory.

I would like to thank Bev Bojarski for my introduction to , Michael and the Master Mind Group as a whole. Your presence has become invaluable to me, and the many interpretations of Napoleon Hill’s classic book serves as an oasis where Infinite Intelligence resides. May we continue to strive for Understanding of the Principles of Life.
Peace and Blessings.

Melvyn Williams   New Haven, CT   USA

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