Ken Klemm

Ken Klemm – Florida, USA

Okay, really, the Solar Plexus in the center of Your
body is Your body’s “Sun”, ENERGY SOURCE, and is the
Center of Your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. This is the actual
transmitter and receiver. The Subconscious does nor
have a “far distance” to reach, as it actually is PART
OF the Universal Mind.

So, what about the BRAIN?

The seat of Your CONSCIOUS MIND, the Brain is where the
CONTROLS are to CHOOSE which Frequencies You transmit
and receive on.

You must Choose carefully, else You receive an
undesired broadcast. If You want soothing, enlightening
classical music – but neglect the tuning controls – You
may end up with heavy metal or hip-hop.

If Your body’s “Sun” is vibrating with POSITIVE,
unrestricted vibration, then it radiates nourishing
energy to all parts of Your body, mind and environment.

If restricted by NEGATIVE, then the radiance is blocked
by fear, worry and doubt. The result is a sick body,
mind and environment.

Your SUBCONSCIOUS excepts Your CHOICE without judgment
and delivers the product of Your choice. YOU decide
Consciously what is TRUE or False.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm – Florida, USA

P.S. Self-Talk sends repeated instruction, resulting in
HABITS in the Subconscious. Self-Talk can be Positive
or Negative.

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