Frank Sarge LooSer

Frank (Sarge) LooSer, Tennessee

The Subconscious Mind/The Brain

The subconscious mind is more susceptible to influences by impulses of thought mixed with feelings and emotions than by those originating solely in the reasoning portion of the brain.  There is an abundance of evidence to support the assumption that only emotionalized thoughts influence the subconscious mind. You have probably already tested this theory yourself and didn’t even know it.  Remember a time when you walked into a room where other people were present and you immediately got the feeling that you were interrupting something, without anybody saying a word?  Their thoughts blended with emotion were focused on you when you entered the room and your brain picked up on it causing you to have that uncomfortable feeling when you entered the room.  So try this experiment next time you are going to make a presentation or convince someone to your way of thinking.  Before you enter the room, start thinking about the way you want the meeting to go and see in your mind that it is going that way.  It works both ways whether you use it for negative or positive.  Be careful to think positive emotional thoughts so that you project those thoughts to others.

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