Darlene Moore

Darlene Moore, Barnesville, Ohio

Chapter 13
The Brain

This chapter is a perfect example of why the Mentoring For Free system is a necessity in obtaining success.

This system has given me a chance to be reborn.  To be the person I was intended to be.

Michael Dlouhy, the author of Success in 10 Steps and the founder of this 30 Day Mental Cleanse, starts out
by telling us this system is here to teach us how to think, not what to think.

Michael nor the other mentors in this system are here to brain wash you into thinking and believing what we do.

We are here to give you the education needed to be able to think for yourself.

We do not say “this is how it is“……we say “does this make sense.”

I was a controlled puppet with many strings when I found this system.  I did not even have a brain of my own. 
I was to busy doing what everyone else told me to do, that I could not make a decision if my life depended on it.

I was taught how important it is to think for myself and not follow the herd, because you know what?  The herd
always gets slaughtered.

Each of us are unique for a reason.  I do not agree with every little thing that is said and done through this system,
but I have learned how to think for myself.  How to take the actions needed to have a successful life.  And I am
successful in every aspect of my life, for the first time in my life.

Society is not getting better by itself.  It takes a system like this to keep people from being used and abused.

I have learned how to remove the negativity from my life and bring in the positive at all times.

Recently a change happened in my life that I had no control over.  My mind immediately went to the Serenity
Prayer and then I started to think about all the positive things that were about to happen.  After all I have
total faith that when God closes one door he opens a better one.

I have total faith in the people who made the decision which I was in no position to make.

I still had many options.  I had the faith I was on the right path and the ability to stay by choice.

You know what?  Once I figured things out, which thanks to this system I was able to do, I discovered how
blessed I was.

I did not think it was possible but I am much happier now than I was a month ago.

Thank you Michael, Linda and this Mastermind Team for helping me learn how to take a deep breathe and say
I can handle this and then immediately go to the positive.  To help me be able to make the decision on my own
that I am right where I am suppose to be.

With Much Love and Appreciation
Darlene Moore

Lesson plan from Darlene Moore on chapter 13 for the 30 day mental cleanse.
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