Bev Bojarski

Bev Bojarski, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada


The Twelfth Step toward Riches

Wow, I just had an ah ah moment!  I have sung a hymn since I was a little girl, called Higher Ground.  I just now realize that what we are talking about in this lesson is also in this hymn. 

1st vs “I’m pressing on the upward way, New heights I’m gaining every day; still praying as I onward bound, Lord plant my feet on higher ground”

Chorus:  Lord lift me up and let me stand, by Faith on heaven’s tableland.  A higher plane than I have found.  Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

2nd vs “My heart has no desire to stay where doubts arise, and fears dismay; tho some may dwell where these abound, my prayer, my aim is higher ground.

Yes, I had always thought of this as talking only about heaven.  My vision now sees it also as a process, a journey to reach new heights of positive living.  When I am on this path, my mind becomes more receptive, vibrating at higher levels which transfers to the ether and received by the brains of others.  It also gives to my thoughts that feeling needed to transfer and induce action by my subconscious mind.  Remembering that my subconscious mind only receives thoughts transferred through emotion.  This all starts first with my Desire to live on a higher plane, to reach those heights my imagination is clearly showing me.

Now imagine having three or more like minded people masterminding subjects, challenges, etc.  Now that is powerful!

There are intangible forces in Nature, I know this for a fact.  Being near water brings me peace, (Ernest can really attest to this one).  A full moon does affect me.  Last night the grandchildren sat with us outside as we watched a storm coming.  We felt the changes in the air, saw the lightning and heard the thunder.  What power, what wonder!

It all comes down to controlling our Thoughts, proactively with Positive Emotions, again, it shouts, “self-talk, self-talk, self-talk”!!!

Bev Bojarski

Lesson plan from Bev Bojarski on chapter 13 for the 30 day mental cleanse.
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