Brian Redding Chapter 12

Brian Redding – Chicago, Illinois

The Eleventh Step toward Riches
In order to become a better person and of course a Professional Network Marketer, we must develop control over our subconscious mind.
We should strive to do the following three exercises daily.
1. Start programming our subconscious mind by saying our daily affirmations daily. And besides these affirmations, we must read our action plan daily in the morning when we rise and in the evening when we retire to sleep.
2. We must create good habits which we do each and every day. This could include reaching out to 20 new people daily, or creating our daily blog article and/or being or listening to our daily skills calls.
3. Finally, we must practice to keep only the following 8 emotions of (1) Desire, (2) Faith, (3) LOVE, (4) Sex, (5) Enthusiasm, (6) Romance, (7) Hope and (8) Prosperity constantly in our minds. This will be difficult at first, because the negatives always try to creep in. But over time, we will recognize the negatives and instantly shut them down. You must not get discouraged with this exercise as over time you will master it completely.
Love to all my friends in this Mastermind Group and to Linda and Michael who desperately want to see us all succeed. See you all on the calls.
Brian Redding in Chicago

Lesson plan from Brian Redding on chapter 12 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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