Uwe Wagner – Chapter 12

Uwe Wagner – Oldenburg, Germany

Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind isn’t only our storing system acting like an internal deep vault conserving everything taken in there for ever, it is our connecting link to the infinite intelligence.
For this the subconscious mind can be compared to a servant or agent who is taking orders from us without questioning them. Then it works on them and delivers on time like the genie in a bottle.
But why do I experience a certain unreliability?
No, it’s the wrong question.
It’s more to ask why it delivers not what I want, but what I expect or shall I say what I am afraid of?
This is leading me to the root cause: the communication with my subconscious mind. Do we really speak the same language?
How can I give orders to my subconscious mind if I am not able to express myself in the language it understands?
Obviously English isn’t my first language and despite of all trainings it is still far from easy to express my thoughts in a way you, my dear mastermind fellows, are able to understand exactly what’s going on in my mind. And when reading your lessons I am amazed every time (at least once in every lesson) about your wording and the order of words chosen.
The positive side: I do learn two lessons at the same time.
But this is all easy stuff compared to express anything in Mandarin.
Oh, sure there are also sentences formed by words in a certain order, but even if this is perfectly done, the content may be a complete and utter bullshit.
Because a word pronounced in a slightly different way, like rising the voice as we do to indicate a question, will result in a completely different meaning. When I began practising this language people laughed at me (understanding the real meaning of what I said I felt ashamed) and if not it may have been worse. Then I had to ask them for mercy, because accidentally I had insulted them in a severe manner.
When thinking about my communication with my subconscious mind I suddenly remembered this experience with a really foreign language.
And I think the language of our subconscious mind works in a similar way. Yes, we can have a perfect wording on our talk or prayer, but if we don’t use the right intonation – in this case it’s the right mix with faith and emotions – we for sure won’t achieve what we intended to do.
So I have to learn to choose my words carefully and also to master the seven positive emotions to get my point across to the subconscious mind.
This leaves me with the question of how to master the emotions. But I am confident that I’ll receive the answer soon when staying tuned-in to our mastermind group.
In gratefulness and expectation

Lesson plan from Uwe Wagner on chapter 12 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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