Mike Salerno–Chapter 12

Mike Salerno Centennial, CO

Chapter 12 The Subconscious Mind: The Connecting Link
“For the present, it is sufficient if you remember that you are living daily, in the midst of all manner of thought impulses which are reaching your subconscious mind, without your knowledge. Some of these impulses are negative, some are positive. You are now engaged in trying to help shut off the flow of negative impulses, and to aid in voluntarily influencing your subconscious mind, through positive impulses of DESIRE.”
-Napoleon Hill
This chapter really explains the purpose of AUTO SUGGESTION for me. It also has opened my eyes to help me understand why I dislike CHANGE. I thought it was because I am getting older and set in my ways, or maybe just because I have had a long successful relationship with my spouse, and years ago a very comfortable living for 25 years with the same company. Could be that I am mentally wired that way?
In 1992 my life got disrupted by a downsizing effort by the company I was working for was undergoing. Wow – the potential of being unemployed, my pension eligibility moved to age 65 instead of 55 (I was 39 at the time), and without a college education, the chances of me starting a new career at another company was slim to none.
In 2001 my life got interrupted again. I was able to successfully stay in the company I was employed since the 1992 event, and it was a stroke of good fortune that I landed a job in Colorado. However, this time my company was looking to displace 13,000 employees. Crap – here I go again. Now I am 9 years older and faced with the same issues stated above. And I have aged 11 more years to present day.
Look at these 2 events and try and imagine the negative impulses being passed into my subconscious, not to mention the “Seven Major Negative Emotions” that were being solidly planted and cultivated there.
This past week has been interesting because of the changes in the company I am currently associated with. These changes have reawakened all my experiences from my past. I have to start over again like I had to do so many times with my 25 year in the telecommunications industry. This opportunity is exciting and has the potential to set me free. So why am I panicking?
Rather than analyze the whys, I am going to focus on a method I have learned from this book and this team. That is the use of AUTO SUGGESTION. Hill states, “You cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily hand over to it any plan, desire, or purpose which you wish transformed into concrete form.”
Yes I have to start over, but my recovery time from some paralysis from change will be cut down to nothing. I will feed my mind with new suggestions to adapt to the new company and the ever changing me.
Mike Salerno –

Lesson plan from Mike Salerno on chapter 12 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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