Melvyn Williams

Melvyn Williams, New Haven, CT USA

Before I start, I must create this disclaimer. The information transpired here is self attained. Please be advised the use of any pronouns such as “I, me, my myself, you, your, yourself, we, us, it’s, one, our, ourselves and someone.” are used in it’s generic form without ownership other than the experience. Since “we” learn from our experiences, the majority of this conversation is truly with “myself”, with the understanding the “we” as a whole will benefit for the lesson of one. Thank you for your understanding and any accelerant agent participation is gratefully appreciated.
Why a disclaimer?
Because I write with the intention of obtaining a greater understanding, it is easier to just write. This allows space where “It” has the availability to shine as the subject matter in any person tense.
Chapter 12- The Sub-Conscious Mind-The connecting link
How about this: I started my 30 Day Mental Cleansing process on July 1, 2012. So the last couple of days, for reasons unknown to me, I suddenly have a craving DESIRE to watch television. This craving for television is as strong a DESIRE as my DESIRE for The 30 Day Cleansing process. Through repetitive actions (PERSISTENCE), only one of these DESIRES will become a Habit. The choice is clearly mine…we both know the pre-calculated outcomes of both.
The Sub-Conscious Mind makes decisions as minuscule as the above scenario “for us” everyday. As a general rule, whether positive or negative, we create the re-action to these and larger activity without any consideration because of past results (HABITS). And when it is all said and done, it is clearly the stored impulse of the sub-conscious mind that directed our energy of action (RESULTS).
So how about this: Let us harness this energy and sub-consciously TRANSMUTE It’s DESIRED energy gracefully through a focused medium. By focusing on the subjects and activities we continuously feed the Sub-Conscious Mind, for example The 30 Day Mental Cleanse vs watching television (INSERT NEW HABIT/ACTION HERE), the SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND is better equipped to request of “The Infinite Intelligence Group” its’ DESIRED results and ultimately your requested realities.
This is the reason major reason I pray to stay out of my own way (Chapter 11 Sex Transmutation). Hmm, maybe I should pray to stay out of His Way and lean not to your own way of understanding…
I am a continuous student of the belief that the Sub-Conscious Mind is your personal connecting link to Infinite Intelligence. Your Sub-Conscious Mind also permeates the impulses that direct your activities, thus creates your realities. If you continuously monitor and improve (INSERT NEW HABIT/ACTION HERE) your dominating positive thoughts (impulses) to your Sub-Conscious Mind, life, as you will know it…is priceless.
The big difference between Knowledge and Wisdom is Wisdom is Knowledge applied.
Melvyn Williams – New Haven, CT, USA

Lesson plan from Melvyn Williams on chapter 12 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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