Loddy Micucci–Chapter 12

Loddy Micucci Melbourne Australia

Negative thoughts in your subconscious mind undo your positive mindset
Negative thoughts and positive thoughts cannot coexist either one or the other dominates.
Negative thoughts attract negative emotions.
The negative emotions charge up the negative thoughts and accelerate them to your subconscious mind.
If you do not take control then the default setting for your thoughts is negative.
Are you starting to get the picture of why there is so much negativity in our world.
As I read this chapter on the subconscious mind the above statements jumped off the page.
They made me realize how hard it is to remain positive.
The people in our mastermind community including me find it difficult to say our self talk 400 times each and every day.
I am making a calculated guess here by saying that we are therefor accepting the default negative setting.
Why do we even question the wisdom and experience of our mentors?
Once again our negativity stops us from embracing whole heartily the instructions clearly laid out for us.
We do not need to figure it out! Why do we make it so much harder for ourselves?
I have personally spent the last 18 months on an amazing journey to discover who I am.
The journey has been full of amazing people and opportunities coming into my life.
The mastermind community is like my family of wisdom support and trust.
Yet I still lack the faith to really believe and adopt all of the wisdom I am constantly privy to?
I am not going back into my past to look for reasons or excuses here.
The past is gone and here I am with the choice to make.
Excuses are just a lingering residue of my subconscious mind holding on to old beliefs and habits.
This week was a real test for me.
Suddenly out of the blue a special announcement was made that involved
the merger of the network marketing company I am with and another network marketing company.
The old me would have asked many questions and looked for answers.
However the new me decided to show faith, understanding and look forward to a whole new world of opportunity.
This saved me an enormous amount of heartache and provided me with a clear plan
on how to move forward.
Fortunately this frame of mind eventually also rubbed off onto my team members.
At first it was doom and gloom as if the sky was falling in.
I decided to stick to my guns and show resolve, faith and belief for the
journey and the people who had shown me clarity.
In doing so I passively defused the anger and anguish show by other members of my team.
Th end result is that we are all looking forward to an even brighter future.
This is the community I want to belong to.
Change can only scare you if you allow it to take you back to that old default setting.
I appreciate you all.
Loddy Micucci
Melbourne Australia

Lesson plan from Loddy Micucci on chapter 12 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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