Ian Flewelling–Chapter 12

Ian Flewelling Alberta Canada

You are now engaged in shutting off
the flow of negative impulses.
We can not be negative at the same time we are positive any more than a spring or a fountain can give off salt water and fresh water at the same time.
Be Positive.
It is a decision that we make. People say, “well I just can’t Love THAT person !” This might seem a hard thing to say, but it just might be true that if you can’t then you might have a hard time really loving anyone. If and since we unconsciously say and do what is locked deep inside us, how could we turn abruptly from hate to love to hate and back depending on who happens to be in our field of view at any given time ? Once upon a time Ken Klem gave us a list of emotions giving the contrasts. Love / Hate and so on. How could we abruptly change back and forth from one to the other on the surface as circumstances change, when locked inside is what we truly are?
Got to change the BIOS – Basic Input Output System. aka Bias. (the BIOS is the program that ‘boots’ your computer, and sits in the memory to keep it going)(for a permanent change refer to your nearest Bible)
Take your self by the scruff of the neck
and back your self into a corner
and give your self a good talking to !
(300 times a day !)
Andrew repeats over and over in his winning friends and influencing people that you have to be sincere ! I have said that his book is dangerous because if you do what he says, you Can influence people – Greatly, sincere or no ! Although it would be true that sooner or later the real person would come out and the whole project would stand or fall on the sincerity or insincerity, positive or negative, that sits at the core of each of us.
People say “you are what you eat”. But we do not want to apply that same saying to our Self. What we listen to, our cultural mores, all the input from our day sinks into our self and that is what we become. One of the story lines I dreamed up was the story of a rock. It sat beside the Appian Way on the way to Rome while the world came and went. It was there through all the history since the road was built. Then one day a resourceful young scientist figures out that all the sound that swirled around that rock sank into it and he was able to retrieve it. History came to life. Ouch, if walls could talk ! Still it is true that people can see what is going on inside us, few of us are truely a closed book.
You can’t take something away from people without giving them something of equal or greater value, without creating a big uproar. Try it with kids. In fact if you want to take something away from them it is best to give them something which is of greater value to them and chances are they will turn their attention away and drop what you wanted to get from them.
Decide to Be Positive. It is such a relief ! It is so interesting to see the results. Some would say it is so much fun ! It is so profitable ! It is so helpful to spread it around.

Lesson plan from Ian Flewelling on chapter 12 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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