Russ Aker

Russ Aker

Think & Grow Rich
Chapter 11. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation (Review)
The Tenth Step toward Riches
Hill, “The meaning of the word “transmute”
is, in simple language, “the changing, or
transferring of one element, or form of
energy, into another.” The emotion of sex
brings into being a state of mind. Because
of ignorance on the subject, this state of
mind is generally associated with the
physical, and because of improper
influences, to which most people have been
subjected, in acquiring knowledge of sex,
things essentially physical have highly
biased the mind”.
“The creative faculty of the mind is set into
action entirely by emotions, and not by cold
reason”. Wouldn’t it be great to transmute
the most powerful stimuli known to man into
a productive tool of our creative imagination
in our businesses. It might be wise for one
not familiar with this concept to read the
chapter on completion of this brief review.
“Through the use of willpower, one may
discourage the presence of any emotion,
and encourage the presence of any other.
Control of the mind, through the power of
will, is not difficult. Control comes from
persistence, and habit. The secret of control
lies in understanding the process of
transmutation. When any negative emotion
presents itself in one’s mind, it can be
transmuted into a positive, or constructive
emotion, by the simple procedure of
changing one’s thoughts”.
For those trying to wrap their mind around
this principle, one key word Hill gives us in
taking control is “willpower”. The use of
willpower may be necessary until the
transmutation occurs and new habits form.
I have worked at trying to understand this
chapter the last three times I’ve read this book
over the year, trying to grasp how I might
personally apply the principle. Intellectually
I understood what Hill is trying to say. I
also believe and like this philosophy. But I
seemed no closer in application than if I was
practicing levitation until a few weeks ago.
Here is what Ken Klemm has suggested
several times. If you are having trouble
with this idea.. Take yourself back to those
teenage years when you were first
discovering what you thought love and sex
was ALL about.
With that in mind, close your eyes, think of
a past love and see if what Hill suggests
(now that you can discern it) is what you felt
and how you might use that power to better
benefit you now. Hill suggests the overpowering
desire you had for that person, caused your
imagination to go wild and develop a
courage that just seemed to show up, a
willpower to do things you otherwise would
probably not do, a persistence and
creativity in attracting the person you
desired. If you were anything like me you
would lay awake hours and hours at night,
thinking of what you didn’t do or say…what
you should have said or done. Your
imagination would create a “plan” for every
scenario it could muster preparing you for
the next encounter…for me this would go
on until I wore myself out and fell asleep
day after day night after night.
Hill says memories of love never pass.
They linger, guide, and influence long after
the source of stimulation has faded. Even
the memories of love are sufficient to lift
one to a higher plane of creative effort.
Here is what finally happened for me. After
a fun day of speaking with a couple new
prospects and mentoring several people
now using the MFF system I was extremely
and refreshingly happy and excited.
Each morning I am up fairly early and go
workout. As I workout I say my self talk. I
found my mind quickly drifting from my self
talk to my encounters of the day before. I
could not keep my mind on my self talk. My
mind was mentoring and coaching current
mentees and having conversations with
prospects. It was drawing on the various
tools that we use in the MFF System. Then
it hit me. The actual feeling and energy I
was experiencing was just as described in my
previous paragraph only the energy thought
and feeling was being redirected to giving
people a helping hand in their quest for
success in network marketing, my mind
was mustering up lessons learned and how
to apply them as I work with people, how to
be a guide & friend rather than want and need.
Hill says this faculty can be cultivated and
developed only through use. I am not able
to recreate this overall feeling every day but
now I at least know what it feels like, what
to look for and have been given instruction
on using persistent willpower as an aid in
achieving success with this principle.
Hill encourages several times in this book
to re-read and study the 13 principles and
we will come closer to mastery each time.
Russ Aker
Portland, Oregon

Lesson plan from Russ Aker on chapter 11 for the 30 day mental cleanse. A great lesson Russ, thanks heaps.

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