Marsha Sortino

Marsha Sortino

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
Here we are again on this chapter of sex transmutation, a chapter often mistood.
It’s not as dificult as you might think once you tap into its divine source.
These 2 words sex and transmutation combined simply mean to take our highest form of emotional energy and create our genius selves.
Think about what you are passionate about. What do you absolutely love doing or who do you love being with?
Isn’t it true that when we are passionate about something, we will make great efforts to go to extreme lengths to make things happen or do things towards our end means?
Isn’t true that when we are in love, we will go to great lengths to have the person of our dreams fall in love with us?
Isn’t it true that when we are loved and feel loved, we truly feel alive and appreciative of life.
How do all the people, places, things you are passionate about make you feel, especially just thinking about these people, places and things? Do you feel the intensity of these emotions just thinking about these thoughts?
That’s your highest emotional energy level vibrating there.
That’s what sexual transmutation is about, the heightened emotion we have about life.
What turns us on and allows love from our hearts to freely flow?
How well do we romance our lives, look for opportunities, freely love others and offer service to better our world?
How do we network with each other?
How do we see ourselves when we look in the mirror? What is the reflection we see?
Looking in the mirror, do we see beauty?
Whatever we see is a creation of our minds and through personal development, we can create a reflection that we are passionate about. We can love ourselves and in turn bring out the love and romance in our lives that create geniuses by vibrating our energy at the highest emotional level.
We can create our lives as we direct this energy inward to the center where we begin to examine ourselves first. We peel away the layers that block us from seeing our true magnificence. Then we focus this highest form of energy where infinite intelligence lies and them move it outside of ourselves, romance it and freely love others.
We become a boundless source of energy that brings us new life, gives us a real zest for all that is happening to us in the now. We are experiencing a soul awakening as we use this energy, and it transfers to other areas in our lives. We can conquer the impossible and make things happen.
Sexual transmution extends to every aspect of our lives when we discover it’s power, which is within us to discover.
When we begin letting our inner guidance (our internal GPS) guide us, our world opens up to new dimensions providing us with constant streams of energy so that even our challenges are provided with answers.
We can be that person where geniuses are created, where our other selves are creating, being, and loving.
Thank you Michael and Linda and all the inspiring friends and mentors here for helping me to bring out the genius that lay dormant and needed to be discovered once again.
Much love and appreciation,
Marsha Sortino

Lesson plan from Marsha Sortino on chapter 11 for the 30 day mental cleanse. A great lesson Marsha.

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