Ernest Tucker

Ernest Tucker

Chapter 11
The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
This lesson is not about the dangers of sex. It is about the changing of a form of energy into another form of energy.
When a man or a woman is driven by the desire of sex they can face death or reputation to indulge it. When they can transmute all of the power of sex desire into courage, imagination, accumulations of riches by given a outlet through forms of expression which helps your desires.
Once as I was splitting logs for firewood my grandson (around 15) came up and asked if he could split some. I agreed and handed him the axe. His trying was useless he couldn’t split the logs only drive the axe in the log deep enough he had a hard time trying the remove the axe. He finally asked me how I did it. I took the axe and placed a log on the chopping block and showed him to look at the bottom of the log. Do not pick a spot on the top of the log to hit but pick a spot at the bottom of the log and force the axe to hit that spot. Laughing he said that doesn’t matter. I said try it use all the energy you have and force the axe to hit that spot. He took the axe and hit the log and it split in two pieces. Wow he yelled I did it. I told him he has to use all his energy to split logs for the fireplace.
Just like sex transmutation you have to take that energy and use it for your desire to the accumulation of riches. Your why has to be strong your mind must be focused of transmutation.
Hill says the best time to use sex transmutation is after the age of 40. He speaks of several men who succeeded after 40. He also said women too. In our own mist we have that proof. Michael Dlouhy and Linda both became independent at the age or a little after the age of 40. Those who are struggling now and are reaching or have reached the age of 40 should be or are reaching their goals and desires of riches using the sex transmutations.
We have one of the greatest teachers in network marketing all we have to do is do what he tell us to. I wasn’t around for the first 40 years to be able to accumulate the riches. I’m past my second 40 and I am starting to accumulate my riches now through the teachings of Michael and Linda and Shelly and ALL my mff family.
Ernest Tucker
Rogersville Alabama

Lesson plan from Ernest Tucker on chapter 11 for the 30 day mental cleanse.

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